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Pre-Engineered Structural Steel System for Malls, Hospitals & Commercial Offices

Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings for the Automotive Industry

We Build Those Who Build India

We Build Those Who Build India

Possibilities of Interarch Pre- Engineered Structural Steel Systems for Urban Infrastructure

Interarch wins second consecutive year the best Pre- Engineered Steel Building (PEB) Project of the Year Award 2017

Delivering Trust & Value for over 32 years

Interarch capabilities in the Cement Industry

Precision Matched With Speed

Pre-Monsoon Maintenance check points for Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings to avoid leakage

Delivering Light Weight & Quick Solutions For Over 32 Years

Delivering Innovation & Technology for Over 32 Years

Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings for the Automotive Industry

Pre-Monsoon Maintenance check points for Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings to Avoid Leakage

Delivering Trust & Value for Over 32 Years

India's Largest clear span building Delivered by Interarch

Warehouses of Pre- Engineered Buildings

We Lead of Pre- Engineered Buildings

Meet the Pioneers of Pre- Engineered Buildings

Earth Quake Resistant Buildings by Interarch

Complex Building Simplified

Interarch Pre- Engineered Buildings for Process & FMCG Sector

Possibilities of Interarch Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Power Sector

Complex and Multi-Level Steel Structure for Process Industries by Interarch Infrastructure

Interarch Structural Steel Solutions for Ports & Harbours

Interarch Infrastructure Structural Steel systems for Education Sector

Quality at Interarch

Announcing the Release of our 2013 Corporate Movies

Quality at Interarch

Interarch Light Buildings for Banquet Halls

3S Automotive Retail Showrooms in Steel

Interarch Steel Structures for Hotels

Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings for Rice Industry

Interarch Infrastructure

Interarch Light Buildings - Finish Construction in 45 Days

30 Years of Leadership & Innovation

Interarch building solutions for garment manufacturing facilities

Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings for Cement Manufacturers

Built by the same name

For homes that don't like to wait

We Lead

It's not just a roof

Multi Level Buildings

Save Water Save Earth

Milestone Projects Delivered by Interarch in Recent Years

Project Spotlight: Interarch Pre - Engineered Buildings

It All Begins With Your Concept

The Best Indian Companies Bank on INTERARCH Pre-Engineered Buildings

Let's Simplify Construction

INTERARCH® Pre-Engineered Buildings Applications We Don't Supply Buildings We Deliver Projects

Interarch Light for Residential Buildings

Interarch TRACDEK® Roofing & Wall Cladding Systems

Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings
Advantages over Conventional Construction

Interarch 30 Years of Leadership & Innovation

Interarch Light Gauge Buildings Solutions

Interarch Light Usage for Residential Projects

Interarch Light Gauge Buildings Solutions

Interarch Pre-Engineered Roof Overhang and Canopy System

Interarch Contribution to Indian Aviation Industry

Interarch Building Products Pre-Engineered Multi-storey Buildings Leadership & Innovation

Interarch 30 years of Leadership & Innovation

Interarch Buildings Solutions for the Paint Manufacturing Industry

Interarch Buildings Solutions for Pharmaceutical Facilities

Interarch Light Steel Framed Buildings in Application

Interarch Green Buildings - Join the growing green building movement

Interarch Mezzanine - Steel structural solutions for industrial use

India’s leading turnkey, pre-engineered metal building & steel construction company

Interarch Pre-Engineered Warehouses - Endless possibilities in logistics & storage

Interarch’s pre-engineered
metal building infrastructure at the Commonwealth Games 2010

Interarch Light - Light gauge framing systems

Interarch - Building the Indian automotive industry

Interarch Light - Steel framed buildings for petrol pump offices & retail outlets

Conserve Energy By Using
Insulation in Your Pre-Engineered Buildings