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Pre-Monsoon Maintenance check points for Interarch
Pre-Engineered Buildings to Avoid Leakage
Due to various environmental and pollution related factors metal buildings and roofing assemblies require slight maintenance from time to time. To achieve the desired life and functionality, maintenance of the building is also important just like any other maintenance of plan & machinery and other equipment in your factory
Interarch strongly recommends executing a pre- monsoon check upon the pre-engineered building before the raining season starts.
We highly recommend forwarding this e-mailer to the concern people/In-charge maintenance department of your company
Pre-monsoon building maintenance check points to avoid any potential leakage

1. Eave & valley gutter should be thoroughly cleaned. Any dry leaves, garbage or any other kind of items that can choke the gutter drainage system should be removed

2. All down spout pipes should be checked properly for clear passage from top to bottom and blockages should be cleared

3. Roof inspection should be done to check for any damages to roof sheets, flashings etc. due to winds, man movement or animals etc.

4. Opening of all down spout pipes should be clear at ground level for free flow of water from roof. Down spout pipes should be at least one foot above the ground level.

5. Any modification done on roof sheeting by any other party, after building handover by Interarch, should be checked properly for leak proofing

6. Damages due to any civil work done after handover, should also be checked properly

Maintenance of Pre-Engineered Steel Building

Properly designed, constructed and maintained, a metal building or roof assembly has a long life. For proper maintenance of the building, various functional items like day light panels, turbo vents, doors, shutters etc. needs a regular maintenance. Interarch recommends the following for proper functioning of Pre-Engineered Steel Building

a) Periodicity of Maintenance
Periodicity of maintenance is dependent upon the environmental zone and pollution level in which the building is located. In PEB the core maintenance is required for the steel roofing & cladding. At Interarch we recommend following simple maintenance period to be followed for pre-engineered steel buildings
Building Location Maintenance Period
Within 5 Km of the sea or High pollution industrial area Every 3 months
Medium pollution industrial area or Area of high humidity Every 4 months
Low pollution industrial area or Dry regions Every 6 months
b) Standard maintenance procedure
Preventive maintenance shall begin immediately after a project is erected & completed
Waste and small items such as screws, pop rivets, drill bits, or any ferrous objects shall be removed by sweeping with a soft nylon brush. Large items such as sheet metal cut-off shall be removed by hand to avoid damage to the surface of the roof panels
Sand and dust retain salt and moisture, which will eventually breakdown the paint and zinc layers, resulting in corrosion of the base metal. Sand and dust shall be removed by washing with clean water and soft nylon brush, working from the highest point to the lowest, followed by a final rinse using a hose and clean water
For buildings located in high pollution industrial areas, or close to marine environments, water alone may not be sufficient to remove saline deposits that have become encrusted on the panels. In such cases, a mild detergent should be added to the initial washing water. Panels shall be washed with the mild detergent solution and a soft nylon brush. Oil, grease, tar, wax, or similar substances can be removed with mineral spirits, followed by a detergent solution and a clean potable water rinse
Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaners, they may damage the paint and zinc layers
Eave gutters and valley gutters shall be thoroughly cleaned with a mild detergent solution and a soft nylon brush, followed by a rinse of clean potable water.  
c) Maintenance of Accessories
Skylight Cleaning-
Inside light is affected due to dirt build-up so it should be washed with clean water periodically to maintain the day light effect
Lubricate hinges and lockset.
Remove dirt and grit from the threshold
Ensure that the door cannot swing back and strike the wall panels, as this will sprain the hinges and damage the panel.
Sliding Doors
Regularly clean the bottom guide to remove sand and stones
Roll-up Doors
Clean and lubricate the chain and reduction drive gears.
Power Vents
Clean fan blades to remove build-up of dust and dirt.
Buildings with Cranes
Check that all bracing is tight and tighten them.
Ensure that all high strength bolts in the crane beams and main frame connections are tight.
d) Safety measures to be followed during maintenance
PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) should be used at all times while working on height
Extreme caution should be exercised while working on the roof
Only competent and experienced workers and staff should be used for regular maintenance works
Access ladders should reach at least one meter above the step off point
Ladders be secured to the building, and be on firm base
Workers should not step on skylights on the roof
While walking on the roof, step in the valleys of the panel not on the ribs
Whenever possible, walk directly on the screw line and also on the purlin line
Areas of roof subject to frequent access shall be protected by temporary or permanent walkways
When maintaining overhead crane runways, immobilize the crane before commencement of work
e) Importance of record of maintenance
A Periodic Maintenance Log Book should be kept. All maintenance dates should be recorded and signed by the maintenance staff. These steps are crucial to avoid any hazards and come in handy as evidence of standard safety measures being followed.
In case there is a requirement of maintenance at your building kindly get in touch our executive at support@interarchbuildings.com
If you have any maintenance query for your building kindly contact with the following person in the below list as per your region:-
S. No. Category * Company Name Erector's Name Contact Details Regions
1 C Abhishek Fabcon Mr. Vipin Sharma M- 8006007848
E-mail id- vpnsharma75@gmail.com
Central India
2 A Anu Engg Mr. Thomas M-9867528007
E-mail id - mathew.anuengineering@gmail.com
Central India
3 A Ayan Project Mr. Dilshad M- 9412622079
E-mail id - ayanproject@rediffmail.com
North & West India
4 C Balaji Constructions Mr. Bhuri Singh M- 9452772781
E-mail id - omsai2812@gmail.com
North India
5 A Best Engineering Mr. Wasim Khan M- 9558802260
E-mail id - bestengg2@yahoo.co.in
Central India
6 B DUX Engineers Mr. Rakesh Singh & Mr. Nitin Chauhan M - 9891211476 / 9871113825
E-mail id - info.duxengineers@gmail.com
North India
7 A Empire Construction Compnay Mr. Mangesh M- 9767896371 / 9822054038
E-mail id - empireconstco@gmail.com
West & Central India
8 B Febtech Buildings System (P) Ltd. Mr. Razvi Hassan M- 9447782517
E-mail id -info@fabtechsteels.com
South India
9 B Global Infrastructure Mr. Babar Ali M- 9412629505
E-mail id - babarali.global@gmail.com
West, North & Central India
10 B Hanuman Prasanna Mr. P. Sadananda M- 9880146590
E-mail id - sadananda9880@gmail.com
South India
11 A Indobuild Engineering Mr. Jaspreet Gill M- 9829792323
E-mail id - indobuild@yahoo.com
North India
12 C Inline projects Mr. Balbir Singh Shekhawat M - 9558896977
E-mail id - inlineprojects@gmail.com
Central India
13 B J.S. Technicals Mr. Jitendra Singh M- 9336666119 / 9336666118
E-mail id - jstechnicals0522@yahoo.in
North India
14 A JK Infratech Mr. J.K. Khan M - 9319836658
E-mail id - jk_infratech58@yahoo.com
PAN India
15 A JMK Projects Mr. Jamil Ahmad M - 9412223286
E-mail id - jmkproject786@gmail.com
PAN India
16 C K. J. Iron Works Mr. Jabbar Y. Khan M - 9724326061 / 9724326065
E-mail id - kjiworks@yahoo.co.in
West & Central India
17 C K. K. Construction Mr. Kamlesh Kumar M - 9336009573
E-mail id - kkconstruction11@gmail.com
North India
18 B K.R. Engineering Mr. Ikramuddin M - 9311091666 / 9313632674
E-mail id - krengineeringworks@rediffmail.com
North & East India
19 C Lalla & Balwant Construction Mr. Lalla Babu M - 9455838920
E-mail id - lala.balwant@gmail.com
North & East India
20 C Mahima Enterprises Mr. Ravinder Singh M - 9971552809
E-mail id - ravindersingh703@gmail.com
North & East India
21 C Mangaldeep Infrastructure Mr. Jaiswal M - 9331132715
E-mail id - mangaldeepinfra@gmail.com
East India
22 A Mass Erectors Mr. Abdul Latheef M - 9345750585
E-mail id - masserectors1@gmail.com
South India
23 B Matrix Engineering Mr. Rajendra Chitrang / Mr. Shahaji Kshirsagar M - 9503076501 / 9421776643
E-mail id - matrixgroup79@gmail.com
West India
24 B MKS Engineering Mr. Mukesh Kumar M - 9350203071 / 8882333071
E-mail id - mkinterior14@gmail.com

PAN India

25 A Musthafa Erectors Mr. K.C.Musthafa M - 9444103364 / 9388000000
E-mail id - musthafaerectors@yahoo.com
South India
26 C N.J. Engineering Mr. Abdul Rehman M - 9917163807
E-mail id - abdulraheman92@yahoo.in
North & East India
27 C N.M. Construction company Mr. Rajeev M- 9740962071 / 9242347499
E-mail id - rajivnmcc@gmail.com
South India
28 B National Engineering Mr. Mishra M - 9598150061
E-mail id - pnmishranec@gmail.com,
North India
29 A Pramila Projects Pvt. Limited Mr. Pravash Chandra Patra M - 9937097108
E-mail id - pramila.projects@gmail.com
PAN India
30 C Quality Engineering Mr. Jahedabanu N. Pathan / Nizam M - 9974091611
E-mail id - quality.engg22@yahoo.com
West & Central India
31 C R. A Enterprises Mr. Rizwan Alam M - 9990258598
E-mail id - raenterprises.delhi@gmail.com
North & East India
32 B R.B. Engineering Mr. Rambabu Patel M - 9319041723 / 9911167550
E-mail id - rbengineering1@yahoo.com
West, North & East India
33 A R.K. Constructions Mr. Rakesh Kaushik M - 9811266009
E-mail id - rkconstructions.rkc@gmail.com
West, North & East India
34 B R.S. Techno Mr. Ashok / Mr. Barik M- 9899638013 / 9212064414
E-mail id - rstechno@hotmail.com
PAN India
35 A RTR Construction Mr. Yuvaraj M - 9094301967
E-mail id - rstechno@hotmail.com
South India
36 A S.K Engineering Works Mr. Arif M - 9927236111
E-mail id - skengg.111@rediffmail.com
West ,Central & South India
37 B SDS Construction Mr. Durga Prasad 9490139159/ 9742056038
E-mail id - sdsconstruction23@gmail.com
South India
38 C Sharda Engineering Mr. Narendra Singh Negi M - 9968016977 / 8287556856
E-mail id - shardaengg1977@yahoo.com
North & East India
39 C Shrasti Enterprises Mr. Nitendra Singh (Sandeep) M - 9369311809
E-mail id - shrastienterprises@yahoo.in
West & Central India
40 C Sri Khailash Engineering Mr. Paramesh Waran M- 8220294989 / 9965610543
E-mail id -srikhailashengineering@gmail.com
South India
41 C Sri Srinivasa Constructions Mr. G. Krishna & Mr. K. Prem Sagar Reddy M - 9177934468
E-mail id- sscons2014@gmail.com
South India
42 B SS Construction Mr. Mathai Samkutty M - 9440297378
E-mail id - ssconstruction.sam@gmail.com
South India
43 B Steel Tech Engineering Works Mr. Avinash Shetty M- 9900158889 / 9844997142
E-mail id - steeltech.74@gmail.com
South India
44 C Sun Shinee Engineering Works Mr. Sunder Singh M - 9999330347 / 9999250347
E-mail id - sunshineeworks@gmail.com
North, West & East India
45 B Tirupati enterprises Mr. Ramesh Sharma M - 9555921735
E-mail id - tirupatienterprises079@gmail.com
North, West & East India
46 C ZA Engineering Mr. Zafar Alam M - 9634547457
E-mail id - mohdzafar198@gmail.com
North & East India
Category*: A - For above 15,000 sq. mtr area
B - Between 5,000 sq. mtr - 15,000 sq. mtr areas
C – Below 5,000 sq. mtr area
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