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Interarch Infrastructure Structural Steel systems for Education Sector
Schools & college building construction faces a great challenge in today’s cities due to time and space constraint. Most public and private schools in India are obliged to trim construction costs, despite the fact that the growing population of school-age children leads to overcrowd classrooms in many instances across the country.

Key requirement for educational buildings are fast construction program so that new buildings can be completed within an academic year, or even a summer vacation in case of building extensions, and also the flexible use of space to meet current and future educational needs. Steel construction has achieved a strong market share in all types of educational buildings for these reasons as Steel is the fastest medium of construction nowadays and a clean way of construction at work place.

As a guideline, School buildings must withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear on a daily basis and still be functional for many years of use. Investing in a steel building from Interarch Infrastructure is the most prudent decision for its durability, structural strength speedy construction.

Various Applications Possible for Educational Sector
School or college buildings  
Auditoriums & halls
Indoor & outdoor Stadiums
Administrative buildings
Lecture theatres
Classrooms and laboratories
Training Centre
Hostel block
Library building

Benefits of Interarch Steel Framing for Educational Buildings
Flexibility in construction and aesthetic look  
Large grid span as per class room requirement
Low lifetime maintenance cost and durability
Easily expandable for growing need with the time
Faster construction resulting early occupancy
Earth Quake, Fire , Termite resistant
Require very Minimal Foundations
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