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Complex and Multi-Level Steel Structure for Process Industries by Interarch Infrastructure
6 Storey-Multi Level Steel Structure & 32 M Bridge Structure Constructed for CP India
Multi-level Process Structure demands the use of heavy and durable yet strong materials. Steel, by virtue of its high strength to weight ratio enables large spans and light weight construction.Taller buildings also face higher wind loads, and hence steel being flexible, allows the building to move and deflect with the wind forces, rather than making it rigid like concrete.
Interarch's Multi storey steel buildings have unmatched benefits like:
High strength to volume/mass ratio
Speed in construction and time saving in comparison to RCC, resulting in early return on investment
Steel frames are lighter in weight in comparison to RCC frame. Lighter foundations are required for steel buildings due to less weight than RCC resulting cost advantage over civil construction
Occupies less space and can be designed for larger span/column free spaces, resulting greater coverage, this helps in large open office spaces and large auditoriums and concerts halls, etc
Steel structures can have a variety of structural forms like braced frames and moment resistant frames suitable to meet the specific requirements of higher buildings
Tall Building with steel allows more floors per total height of the building
Project Executed
Interarch recently designed, manufactured and executed a multilevel mezzanine structure of 6 storey and conveyor bridge above that with the total bridge length of 32 M for CP India food processing plant near Pune.

The conveyor bridge is resting on steel structure and side of the other side on their RCC structure. Interarch design team has implemented a unique design for interface using Tekla software. Tekla 3D is used for superimposing the drawing given by the client in the model designed by Interarch and then identifying the exact locations of all the openings and their equipment.

The structure is a multilevel 6 storey mezzanine structure supporting various silos and equipment at various level of mezzanines. At the top level of the mezzanine, a conveyer bridge structure has been constructed at a height of 45.1 m from the ground, which is spanning 32 m. Major challenge during the erection of conveyer bridge structure which is spanning 32 m was the erection of complete assembly at a time. By using center of gravity from the tekla model of Conveyer Bridge, lifting points are provided to ensure perfect alignments and geometry during erection.

Project Name C.P India
Project Location Pune
Building Usage Process Plant
Tonnage 200MT
Area 1080 Sq. M

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