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Earth Quake Resistant Buildings by Interarch
What causes Earthquakes and where they occur?
There are many things which could lead to an Earthquake such as such as underground explosions, movement of magma within volcanoes and impact of large objects with the ground. But generally Earthquakes caused by these are not so highly intensified and rarely cause any significant damage.

But the most abrupt and devastating Earthquakes are caused by movement within the Earth’s crusts. When the rocks break inside and rub against each other they release seismic waves as a result of which the ground starts shaking and tremors occur.

Can an Earth Quake Occur Again in Nepal?
Nobody can predict the occurrence of the earth quake but Nepal is on top of Indo-Australian Plate which is pushing itself beneath the Eurasian Plate, a collision that gave rise to the Himalayan Mountains. As the plates push, pressure builds, eventually resulting in a quake to relieve that pressure.

How to equip or construct for minimum or no damage in future Earthquake resistant Buildings by Interarch
When the weight of a building is reduced then the force caused by the
Earthquake affecting the building will also be reduced. Generally Interarch steel buildings are much lighter than reinforced concrete buildings thereby reducing
the Earthquake effect on the buildings in the same ratio.

Also steel is ductile material and can take 18 times more deformation than concrete. This ductile property of steel enables it to absorb the forces and it can take in deformation to a greater extent beyond their flexibility behavior.Under repeated exposure to loads, reinforced concrete’s single direction and limited energy absorption ability diminishes and fails after eachexposure and breaks appear without any deformation. In steel buildings on the other hand, when
elastic boundaries are exceeded, or when the building is exposed to loads more than expected, steel construction members first deform thanks to their high capacity of deformation. Energy is absorbed during deformation and the building remains erected; to ensure this deformation of building members, loads are distributed among beams and columns. It is carefully considered that beam-column connections have the sufficient moment capacity to transfer loads in steel constructions

Flexibility & Quality Buildings by Interarch
The system can be adapted to any building layout ,International Quality, insulation, proper acoustic and galvanized steel structure ensure the finished product has un-matched finish in comparison to any buildings methodology

No site space required for fabrication & storage of Raw Material

Permanent in Nature & Safe: the structure is fire, termite and earthquake resistant

Low Cost & Aesthetic in Look: the buildings are cheaper than RCC building if you compare the total file cycle of the building

Fast Delivery & Erection: a project can be completed as fast as 45 days

Real Example an Earth Quake Resistant Building by Interarch: Clip in TOI on 28th Apr’15
Interarch delivered a project for Amarpali Banquet Hall in Nepal prior to the earth quake and after the quake it become a place where people came for refuge & stayed with their beddings, a clip from TOI has been shared which mentions about the Banquet Hall:


Just no one, neither businessmen nor executives, not even fancy civil servants, want to be home. At the Amrapali Banquet Hall in Bhat Bhateni, central Kathmandu, about 150 had brought their beddings to sleep over. They included Suman Sharma, the wife of a man who works with Saarc and zips across the world. "There is no option," she said on Monday. "We cannot be rushing out of our house

Possibilities of Interarch Steels Buildings
Manufacturing Facilities | Warehouses & Cold Store | Multi-Level Process Structures I Office Buildings I Schools & Colleges I Multi-Storey Buildings | Hospitals | Shopping Malls | Stadiums I Car showrooms | Airports Terminals & Hangars | | Flyovers & Foot-Over Bridges I Auditoriums

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