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Interarch Steel Building Solutions are engineered precisely for buildings like multi-storey buildings, large & Complex industrial projects, warehouses, and commercial development. Our building solutions symbolize simplicity in complex engineering. We are committed to delivering superior quality and a well-built steel structure. It is reinforced with our excellent design & engineering, manufacturing, supply, and project management capabilities.

Interarch is a brand synonymous with excellence since 1984. Interarch has capability extended all over India, with our nationwide sales and project support offices. A pre-Engineered Steel Building solution offered by Interarch has been crafted from a holistic perspective approach to delivering a quality project. Our solutions are crafted with the highest level of precision to the point where all the part needs to do assemble at site. It enables projects to achieve quality construction with speed and optimal cost.

Interarch Pre-Engineered buildings solutions are flexible enough to suits different building requirements, they are easily expandable, can withstand adverse climatic conditions, and come with cost-effective maintenance.

Interarch holds a significant part of the market share and works in close association with industry leaders like HUL, IndoSpace, JSW, Godrej & Boyce, Asian Paints, LOGOS, ESR, MG Motors, Kia Motors, ITC, CEAT, PepsiCo, Parle, UltraTech, Carlsberg etc.

Our Association with Healthcare Sector
Interarch steel structure provides sustainable and energy-efficient construction, offers value engineering solutions which help in optimizing the overall design and improves the economy of the healthcare sector requirements. We assure a high-quality project while making the construction process simple and easy.
As Healthcare Industry is gradually moving towards Green Buildings and time-bound construction requirements, Interarch is capable to deliver multi-storey hospital steel building with drywall construction solutions to cater to the fast-paced construction needs of the healthcare industry.
Interarch was awarded for "Best Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Company of the year" in 2016 from Construction Week, for the Fortis Hospital project.

Delivered Projects
G+7 Multi-Storey Hospital Building
  Rooftop Expansion of Hospital
  Rooftop R&D & Training Block
Expansion of existing RCC Parking Building   Dispensary Block at Hilly Area   Rooftop Auditorium Block

Our Services to the Healthcare Sector
Interface with various services required for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) are tend to be the most critical part of any building requirement, and especially in a hospital building, these services are critical to saving lives. Interarch structural steel interfaces easily with Hospital requirements taking into consideration

HVAC requirements for hospital ventilation and air-conditioning
Special air quality, circulation, and pressure for operating theatres (HEPA filters)
Positive and negative pressure rooms for patient isolation
Pressure cascade for the surgical department
Laminar flow for special theatres and clean workrooms
Patient controls & interface (at bedside)
Special drainage of radioactive waste
Task lighting vs. comfort lighting
Operation & maintenance

Interarch engineering takes into account MEP loads as given by the consultant and design the building considering the various requirements as mentioned above. Our structural members are manufactured to accommodate all the services at the site.

The structural elements of the hospital are designed to withstand the 1 or 2-hour fire by using fire-resistant solutions.

The advantages of using Steel Structure in hospital buildings as it doesn’t affect the day-to-day hospital functioning during the construction or expansions. It is dust-free, faster, and dry construction having better quality control with a low carbon footprint. The sizes of steel columns are optimum as compared to RCC columns so more floor area is available for usages. Steel is a recyclable material so which primary requirement of green building, also steel structure building can be re-located after dismantling if required in the future.
Kindly let us know your requirement for an upcoming project, and we will get back to you with the best possible solution and quote for steel structure. We look forward to getting associated with you. Interarch is committed to providing an efficient and optimal solution for your requirement with the highest level of safety and quality.

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