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Interarch Structural Steel Solutions for Ports & Harbours
Ports serve as one of most important mode of goods transportation- for cross trade relations in our country resulting as one of the emerging sectors for steel construction.Interarch Pre- Engineered Steel structures are highly suitable for diverse applications within the infrastructure space due to its speed of construction, durability of the material, ease of replacement over a time and certain unmatched features in comparison to other conventional form of construction.

Benefits of Using Interarch Infrastructure Structural Steel
Speed in construction and time saving in comparison to RCC
Steel frames are lighter in weight in comparison to RCC frame. Lighter foundations are required for steel buildings due to less weight than RCC resulting cost advantage over civil construction
Land near sea is slushy, handling raw material of RCC construction is tedious and time taking hence steel construction is beneficial for such areas.
Replacement is easy and faster.
Maintenance and repair of steel structure is much easier and simpler than any other construction.

Interarch Infrastructure Applications for Ports & Harbours
Dock Structures
Dock Gantry Structure
Logistics and Warehouse buildings
Shipyard Buildings

Project Executed
Interarch has successfully designed, engineered and delivered the Warehousing facility for Tri-Star Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. It’s a sizable Pre-Engineered Building project for over 80,000 Sq. M areas at railway siding to house railway wagon inside the building for loading&unloading purpose. It was a large multi span building with the length of 800 m and width of 100 m. The project was completed in record time of 7 months which includes designing as well as erection at site
Project Name Tri-Star Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Building Location Pipavav, Gujarat
Building Usage Fertilizer Warehouse at Sea Coast
Steel Tonnage of the project Over 2000 MT
Roofing & Cladding  Supplied 82,000 Sq. M
Total Area of Project 80,000 Sq. M
Large multi span building.
Length - 800 M
Width - 100 M
Clear Eave Height upto 8.3 m
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