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Interarch introduced Interarch Life, a groundbreaking building system in 2010. It is the ultimate union of Experienced Design, Quality Materials, International Machinery & Manufacturing of a standard stud and track profile system produced automatically by Hi-tech combining software and machine control systems. Interarch Life is an innovative and reliable construction method that is broadly used in the world and has surpassed wood frame construction in many design and construction aspects.

Interarch Life is ideal for applications where buildability, strength, design flexibility, sustainability, speed, safety, and quality of construction is important. Speed, reliability, and flexibility are critical in delivering a wide range of applications from residential to institutional projects fast track. It enables Dry Wall construction technology in which a combination of Builtup Primary framing and infill cold formed framing with external and internal drywall finishes, having compatibility with many other allied finishing products.

From design to delivery, installation, and completion, the systems work on a powerful integrated design and manufacturing system that easily accommodates any architectural layout plans and produces load-bearing framing systems for the building, avoiding the use of solid/conventional designed columns and beams.

This structural system is designed on dedicated software that produces custom designed framing dully pre-punched, pre-dimpled for screw fixing, and individually labeled and ready for the site assembly.

Interarch Life has unmatched advantages over the conventional construction method & system.

Easy Installation and Speedy construction
Robust Structural Performance
Time Saving in overall project construction
Sustainable Construction
Dry Wall construction technology for interior and exterior finishes
Pollution-free construction technology and application
The system can be adapted/synchronized to any building layout
Can be customized to meet a specific requirement, i.e. shape, size, and design
Insulation system for better thermal performance reduces energy consumption and acts as a sound barrier from outside
Earthquake & wind-resistant design and construction
Termite & Fire resistant
Longer Life Span and easy to maintain
Dismantling possibilities with ease, if required

Residential farmhouses, Villas & Cottages, Guest House & Clubs
Administrative Block & Canteen
Site Office & Project Office
School & Colleges
Healthcare Centers
Roof Top-Residential & Commercial Expansions
G+1 & G+2 Storey Building
Hotels, Banquet Halls, Restaurants & Resorts
Labour housing and colonies
Retail Outlets- Shops & Kiosks
Banquet Halls
Security Guard Cabin/ Portable structures
Mezzanine floors in industrial buildings
Building in Mountain Living

Delivered Projects
Roof-Top Expansion
  Office Complex
  G+1 Storey Building
Farmhouse/ Villas
  Project Office
  School & Colleges
Building in Mountain Living
  Administrative Block
  Canteen Building
Banquet Hall   Retail Outlets   Security Guard Cabin

Kindly let us know your requirement for an upcoming project, and we will get back to you with the best possible solution and techno-commercial proposal for steel buildings and structures.

We look forward to getting associated with you and making India a progressive country. Interarch is committed to providing an efficient, customized, and optimal solution for your requirement with the highest level of safety and quality.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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