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Interarch Driving the Transformation of Logistics & Warehousing in India
The warehousing and logistics sector in the country is witnessing extraordinary growth due to organized distribution and fulfillment centers for businesses across India. Tax reforms, change in consumer habits, e-retail and initiatives towards industry status for warehousing and logistics are a few factors.

The sector is driven by the increasing demand of third-party logistics companies and key players in the e-retail, core manufacturing sector, wholesale and retail segments are expanding operations across the country leads to the corresponding rise in demand for space in both tiers I and II markets.

With the rising level of maturity in the industry, the logistics sector is becoming standardized. Many foreign investors are entering the sector through joint ventures, joint developments, and acquisition of existing portfolio platforms in the Indian warehousing market to develop more built-to-suit warehousing infrastructure.

These modern warehouses are world-class facilities in terms of building design, automation, storage systems, space utilization, connectivity with consumer hubs and environment to enhance overall efficiencies.

Interarch joins the wagon of Logistics & Warehousing in India
Interarch sets a new benchmark in the Pre-Engineered Steel building industry in terms of engineering expertise and capability to deliver warehousing projects with world-class quality. Interarch warehouses can be customized to any scale or size as per customer requirements.

Interarch caters to some of the most diverse steel buildings warehouse projects in India for developers like IndoSpace, LOGOS, ESR, etc. Interarch delivers warehouses to consolidators who develop warehouses for e- retail companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart/Flipkart, Myntra & IKEA, etc.

Interarch delivers world-class warehousing projects for India's premier developers like IndoSpace, ESR, LOGOS India and large e-retail giants like Amazon, IKEA, Myntra.

Awards & Recognitions
Interarch has been awarded an appreciation certificate by IndoSpace, for its excellence in Quality & Safety Practices at the Chakan Logistic Park site.

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