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Quality at Interarch
Interarch, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company since 1999 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. USA believes in continuous improvement of quality in every aspect of its business. The company has in place, an exhaustive Quality Management System and all products meet National and international standard requirements to deliver consistent quality to its customer.

Quality Practices Followed by Interarch  
Interarch’s pre-engineered constructions are custom-designed solutions, to meet the needs of the customer. All buildings and other structures are designed and constructed in accordance with the Indian Standards for applicable load. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest editions of the following codes:
Low-rise Buildings System Manual (MBMA) - Metal Building Manufacturers Association Inc., USA.  
Manual for Steel Construction, Allowable Stress Design (AISC) - American Institute of Steel Construction Inc., USA.  
Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual (AISI) - American Iron and Steel Institute, USA.  
At Interarch stringent quality checks are carried out at every step from manufacturing to delivery of project. All raw material and consumables are procured from reputed & branded suppliers only, manufacturing of all the items in our plant are manufactured under controlled conditions with stringent quality checks at each step. Regular training sessions are conducted in all our plants for each worker to ensure proper implementation of quality requirements
All measuring instruments and devices are calibrated on periodic basis to ensure consistent quality  
Non - destructive testing on welding joints is carried out through ultrasonic testing & ground penetration system  
In house Q.A. Laboratory to check the raw & finished goods material quality  
Interarch strictly follows National and International Standards for material procurement and production  
Interarch works with only certified and approved welders as per AWS D1.1:2010.  
Quality system of Interarch represents its commitment towards quality and is backed by years of research and development  
Quality Management Systems to improve and be at par with the standards laid like ISO 9001:2008  
Over the years, Interarch has successfully retained, trained and developed a dedicated team of logistic partners. Quality of trailers and transport vehicle is checked prior to every dispatch to ensure timely delivery with minimum transit time. Delivery of materials in good condition is also ensured by the use of the logistic partner network.
We aim to train and mentor our teams and management at the highest levels to ensure best quality of projects to fulfill our customer satisfaction. Through our new quality policy we ensure that all the projects will be delivered in the most efficient manner and we wish to be the preferred choice of our customer.
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