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Possibilities of Interarch Pre-Engineered Structural Steel Systems for Urban Infrastructure
Interarch Steel construction solutions are engineered for tall buildings, large projects and heavy steel applications to enable projects to achieve quality construction with speed and optimal costs. Interarch engineering delivers customized solutions to its customers from planning to completion stage. Armed with the world-class construction technology, International Quality, Interarch has the capabilities to help building structures for those who help building new India.

Interarch Structural steel system is ideal for engineering, manufacturing, logistics and execution of non-industrial steel structure & buildings used for various application such as high rise multi-storey buildings for varied purposes like Residential towers, Commercial buildings , Hospitals, School & Colleges Buildings, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, Multi-level car parking system, Stadiums, Airport terminal Building Structure, Aircraft hangers & Maintenance buildings, Port structure, Retail outlet, Power plant buildings/TG buildings, Exhibition halls, Street bridge/foot-over bridge, flyover structure, Metro stations, Metro workshop, Railway station structure, Ports, Defense and various other application where steel structure is more effective as compared to any other method of construction.
1. Interarch Structural Steel system for Commercial Development:The use of steel makes possible the creation of larger column free internal spaces. This helps in for open plan offices and large auditorium and concert halls
Our system is ideal for applications like Hospitals, Mall & Shopping Complex, Office Buildings, School & Colleges, Hostel Buildings, Hotels, Multi-level car parkings, Multiplex, Banquet Halls, Auditorium Buildings, Petrol Pumps
2. Interarch Structural Steel system for Residential Development: Steel offers speed in construction, reduced project time, and time saving resulting overall cost saving and early ROI, resulting in early occupancy that makes steel ideal construction methodology for residential space
Our system is ideal for applications like Residential Apartments, G+3 Residential blocks, Retail Shops, Banquet Halls, Club Houses, Dispensaries, Playschools, Small Market Complexs
3. Food Supply Storage & Distribution - Use of steel is more preferred material compared to any other construction material including concrete due to its versatile unique features & advantages over other construction materials
Our system is ideal for applications like Sabsi Mandi Shed, Warehouse Buildings and cold storages
4. Road & Highway - Interarch has the capability of designing and detailing very complex Steel structures. We have production plants to produce these and Project Management capabilities to erect them at site.
Our system is ideal for applications like Flyovers, Bridges, Toll Booth, Skywalks, and Foot over Bridges
5. Transportation - No space is required for storage of Steel at the site, thus less disruption to normal life of the community unlike wet concrete construction process
Our system is ideal for applications like Bus-Stations and Bus Parking sheds
6. Power Generation & Distribution- Our system is ideal for applications like Power plant structure, Sub-Station Building & Refineries
7. Water & Water Supply - Our system is ideal for applications like structure for Hydro Power Stations and Water recycling plant
8. Ports - Our system is ideal for applications like structure Port Structure, warehouse and Gantry structure for loading and un-loading
9. Railways & Metro: Steel frame construction is more suitable to withstand lateral loads caused by wind or seismic/earthquake
Our system is ideal for applications like Metro Station, Station buildings, Workshops, Metro Depots, and Bullet Train Stations, Manufacturing plants
10. Aviation - Our System is ideal for applications like Airport terminal Structure, Piers; Cladding supports structure, Cargo buildings, Aircraft Hangers & Maintenance shop
11. Defense - Our System is ideal for Officer Mess, Officer House, Worker accommodation, Office Block, Recreation Block, Vehicle Station, Air force Facilities, Jet Hangars, and Port Facilities
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