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Precision Matched With Speed
G+2 Multi-Storey, 600 Bed Hostel Buildings Delivered
in 175 Days with area over 17,000 Sq.M
Day 1- Foundation Work & Anchor Bolt Casting Day 16- Erection work Start Lifting of Structure
Day 24- Lifting and Fixing of Column Day 30- Connection of Beam with Column for 1st Floor
Day 45- Connection of Joist with Beam for Mezzanine Day 60- Lifting of Column & Connectionwith Other Structure
Day 70-Aligning & permanent connection of members by
Day 80-Fixing of Purlin on Rafter  to support Roofing System
Day 90 -Fixing of TRACDEK® Sheet on Roof Day 95 -Fixing of Deck Sheet for Flooring System
Day 100- Reinforcement of RCC Slab on Deck Sheet Day 110- Block work & Erection is done Simultaneously
Day 120- Connection of members completed Day 125- Primary & Secondary Member connection  Checked
Day 135- LGFS Structure Frame for Partition Wall Day 140- Stair case & Handrail
Day 145- Rendering Plaster on AAC Block wall with Gutter Day 150- Fixing of ACP on External Finishing & Façade
Day 158- Fixing of False Ceiling on Mezzanine Bottom Day 165- Finish Look of Roofing System with Gutter System
Day 170- Internal Finishes with Plaster & Woodply Plank Day 175- Conference room with Plaster & False Ceiling
Day 175- Internal Finishes with Plaster & False Ceiling Day 175- Finish look of Staircase with Hand Rail & Marble Slab
Finished Building in 175 Days
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