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Application of Pre-engineered Buildings in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities
Drug Manufacturing Facility
Service Floors
Equipment & Disposable facility
Packaging & Storage Facility
Laboratory Facilities
Patient controls & interface (at bedside)
R & D Building

Clean Room in Pharmaceutical Facilities
Interarch buildings are compatible with cleanroom partitions which are required for Pharma Industry. Interarch design & build facility keeping in mind client requirements for manufacturing process like temperature, humidity, particulate levels, system performance, etc. Performance-based contracting works particularly well with cleanroom facilities. Interarch is dedicated to guaranteeing the highest levels of quality and safety. The entire facility is meticulously designed and constructed to prevent bio-contamination.

Interarch Building System Expertise for Pharmaceutical Facilities
Insulation- Interarch building is well equipped for providing controlled environment for complex manufacturing procedures.
Practical Design- Each building is divided according to its function and joined by the central corridor.
Distribution Efficiency- Distribution efficiency is achieved through the implementation of an automated high-rise warehouse and AGV system
Box in & Box out structure- Possibilities of buildings with Box in & Box out type enclosures for specific requirements for Pharma facilities
Supporting structure for clean room partitions.
Loading Provision for Pipes, cables tray and other services
Over 100 Projects executed for all major Pharmaceutical companies.

Major Partners for Pharmaceutical Facilities
Arnita Consultants Pvt Ltd
Doshi Consultants Pvt Ltd
cGMP Pharma 'n' Plans Pvt Ltd

Projects executed for Major Pharmaceutical Companies

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