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Roof Top-Residential & Commercial Expansions

Interarch Light Building Systems come as a significant technology advantage to roof top construction and expansions; due to its light weight it does not add any substantial load on the existing structure and is treated as a temporary structure and can be completed without interrupting the existing activities of the building.


Interarch Light is suited for building homes such as villa’s and farm houses, out houses, G+ 1, G + 2 Buildings, or even construction of extra floors on existing houses and construction of residence in hilly areas.


Project Office/Site Office

Interarch Light provides speed in construction and is ideal for economy sheds, such as site buildings/offices


Labour Camps

Customized designs in accordance with the location and space availability are worked upon to meet the unique needs and requirements of our high quality, yet low cost labour camps.


Canteen and Administrative Block

Interarch Light is ideal for cafeteria's at office campuses as our buildings are well insulated and use non toxic material. These spaces are diligently designed and are at par with international quality standards and performance.

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