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TRACDEK Roofing & Wall Cladding Systems


TRACDEK Hi Rib Roofing & Wall cladding System

The patented fluted side laps makes TRACDEK Hi Rib Completely water tight. The Side lap is totally weather proof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run-off.
Long Lengths and weather proof side lap allows TRACKDEK Hi Rib to be used safely on roof pitches as low as 3 deg. (approx 1 in 20) in single sheets length, 5 deg (approx. 1 in 11) with end laps, and for vertical cladding.
TRACKDEK Hi-Rib is also available in crimp curved sections and can be given curvatures. This Profile provides versatility and creativity to bring new and refreshing design to commercial, industrial and domestic buildings


TRACDEK Klippon Wall cladding System

The clip on side lap makes the Kippon profile completely water-tight. The side lap is totally weather proof.
TRACDEK Klippon Steel cladding is designed to be fastened to roof purlins or wall girts with fixing clips which are concealed during fixing and do not require any fastening holes through steel sheets.
The fixing clip can be used to fasten Klippon Steel Cladding in both 0.58mm and 0.68mm TCT.
The clip for fastening Klippon steel cladding requires only two fasteners per clip and provides an easy, positive engagement in the ribs of the profile


TRACDEK SS - 2000 Roofing System

This panel has good uplift rating assuring the reliability of the roof. The designer is afforded a flexible tool to meet any design challenge.
This profile is a field seamed system that combines a slim rib with exception uplift resistance. This panel has been designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions.
Facility of on-site roll forming eliminates panel end lap condition. Panels are manufactured ‘at the eaves’ enabling single length panels on long roof runs.
The field seamer for the SS2000 panels is easy to use and maneuver. Using the quick- release handle, it only takes about 5 seconds to move from one seam to the next seam.
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