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Interarch Light Buildings - Finish Construction in 45 Days


The Interarch Light Building system is the ultimate union of design, materials, machinery & manufacturing of standard stud and track profiles which are produced automatically by combining software & machine
control systems.

The software and machinery are specifically designed for high volume manufacturing operations. Interarch Light is ideal for situations where speed, reliability & flexibility are critical in delivering a project.

Advantage of Interarch Light Buildings Technology


The system can be adapted to any building layout.

Early ROI

The structure will save you at least 50 % time over conventional methodology
of construction and hence early return on investment.


International Quality, insulation, proper acoustic and galvanized steel
structure ensure the finished product has un-matched finish in comparison
to any buildings methodology.

Nature Proof

The structure is termite, Fire and Earth Quake resistant.

Eco- Friendly & Green

No pollution is created during construction of dismantle, Use of Non-toxic green material & Insulation system reduces Energy consumption and acts as sound barrier from outside.

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