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Superior Quality Buildings

     High quality manufacturing and building design

Engineered using efficient codes and stronger steel

Quality checked and supplied ready to install

Maintenance free and customized to your building requirement


Time Benefit-Erection Time

     No drying and curing time required

Multi levels can be erected simultaneously while the structure is
        being installed

Steel frames are faster to erect compared with reinforced concrete

No site rework and welding to be done. Everything is manufactured for
        ready assembly


No Hazard at site

     No wet work and hazardous site work required

No cutting welding and modification at site

Projects managed using strict safety and environment norms


Functional Versatility

     Large clear Spans - up to 100m column-free internal spaces

High structure - up to 30 M

Multi levels upto G+8 floors

     More Space, cleaner construction

     Limitless customization and expandability

Architectural Flexibility

     Can accept interface with any modern construction

Well insulated and fire safe buildings

Various roof and wall systems

Light Weight

In comparison with concrete construction, steel frames are significantly lighter. This results in reduced loads on foundations, hence quicker and Economical construction.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

     Virtually no maintenance of the building required

Low operating costs especially in warehouses and industrial plants, due to more natural lighting
and ventilation

Seismic Effect

     Steel is heavier than concrete but 20 times stronger, a steel member can hold 6 times its own weight

Ductility of steel provides flexible behavior under seismic loads and it minimizes the seismic effect on the structure

Environment Benefit and Energy Conserving

     Our buildings are 100% steel, this saves primary resources and reduces waste
hence saves energy

Unique designs of our buildings help in proper air flow and temperature control

3-5 % skylights on the roof of the total roof area of the building which reduces the
        need of artificial lights inside the building and saves electricity

     Our building help in reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the solid waste,
        improving air and waste quality and conserving natural resources by reducing
        the rate of consumption

     Even after demolition our buildings doesn't accumulate wastage like asphalt
        shingles, concrete, brick and dust in the environment

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