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Conserve Energy By Using Insulation in Your Pre-Engineered Buildings

Conserve energy by using Insulations in your metal buildings

Why is insulation required?

Insulation material is attached or placed within walls or roof to prevent the
loss of heat from the building. Insulation material are used to keep the
building cool when it’s warm outside and warm when it’s cool outside.

Insulation also helps to reduce the amount of noise that enters or escapes from the insulated area and reduces rain induced noise from the metal roof.

The effectiveness of an insulating material is measured using a 'U-value'.
A U-value is a measure of how much heat is conducted through a structure. Correctly installed insulation will have a low U-value as it will allow only small amounts of heat to pass through.


   Wall and Roof insulation makes it easier to heat and cool the space and save       money on power bills
   Also, depending on the type of insulation used, there may also be a significant reduction in noise within the space, since many      types of wall insulation have acoustical properties.
   By insulating one can even reduce the emission of harmful gasses in air. Thus reducing toxic vapour inside the building

Insulation recommend by Interarch Building Products

Glass wool (fiberglass)

  Made from melted glass spun into a flexible mat of fine fibers
  Available in low densities and roll form with the reflective vapor barrier for     convenient installation under metal roofs
  Excellent Compressibility

Rock wool

  Made from mineral rock melted at high temperatures and spun into a mat of     fine fibers.
  Available in higher densities
  Suitable for double skin roofing or roofing requiring walkable insulation

Other characteristics are similar to glass wool. Glass wool and rock wool are together referred to as ‘mineral wool’ products. Due to their potential to irritate the skin and the upper respiratory tract, full protective clothing, including gloves and a face mask, should be worn during installation.

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