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The recent ruling passed by the Punjab & Haryana High Court on HUDA restraining them to issue new builder licenses to developers in Gurgaon due to the ground water crisis.

Concerns over water usage for construction and the overall pressing need for more eco-friendly construction alternatives around this region are high.

Did You Know?

We at Interarch actively apply eco-efficiency principles in order to use less energy, less water and materials for the same amount of output and to reduce emissions and waste, which include widespread adoption of environmentally-friendly production technologies, and increased use of recycled materials.

Our focus remains to reduce waste and consume less energy, and help reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

Interarch uses construction methodology that significantly reduces the negative environmental impacts during construction and, engineers buildings that provide a healthy indoor space for its occupants.

Interarch Pre-engineered steel construction is one of the most eco-friendlyconstruction solutions so far with a minimized usage of water due to thecore nature of the construction materiel.

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