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Features of Interarch Pre-Engineered Multi-storey Buildings

     Steel, by virtue of its high strength to weight ratio
      enables large spans and light weight construction.

     Steel structures can have a variety of structural forms
      like braced frames and moment resistant frames
      suitable to meet the specific requirements.

     Steel frames are faster to erect compared with
      reinforced concrete frames resulting in economy.

     The elements of framework are usually prefabricated in
      the factory under effective quality control thus enabling
      a better product.

     Profiled steel decking floors used are lightweight thus
      resulting in reduced dead weight & prevents serious

     Subsequent alterations or strengthening of floors are relatively easy in steel frames compared with concrete

     The steel frame construction is more suitable to withstand lateral loads caused by wind or earthquake.

     No form work is required


Design expertise for Structural configurations


The Structural components in a multistory building constitutes mainly of floor system which is responsible for transferring floor loads to main frames. The floor system is also responsible for transferring lateral load from wind and earthquakes. The frames consist of beams and columns and in some cases braces or even reinforced concrete shear walls. As the height of the building increases beyond ten stories (tall building), it becomes necessary to reduce the weight of the structure for both functionality and economy. For example a 5% reduction in the floor and wall weight can lead to a 50% reduction in the weight at the ground storey. This means that the columns in the lower storeys will become smaller leading to more availability of space and further reduction in the foundation design. This is achieved by Interarch Design team very efficiently due to its expertise of designing complex multi-story in the past and vast knowledge


Project Spotlight – Reliance Corporate Park

     The Reliance Corporate Park is India's first and largest completely pre-engineered commercial office building.

     Area: More than 50,000m

     Pre-Engineered Steel Structural System executed by Interarch

     Ground + 2 floors pre-engineered building constructed in less than 7 months

     Complete turnkey project executed which included Utility platforms, Elevator shafts and roof system


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