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Interarch light is the perfect solution for residential projects for high rise buildings and townships. Builders can easily adopt this solution due to its unique features and fast turnaround time.

Advantages of Interarch Light Residential Buildings:

     Concept to detailed CAD design

     Seamless integration to manufacturing

     Accurately formed completed component’s ready for
      rapid assembly

     Products & Services for complete design & build solution

     Fast, Accurate, Profitable, Sustainable

     Light weight

     Dry wall concept and earth quake free construction.

     50% less time required in comparison to R.C.C for execution.

     Insulted against fire and weather


Applications of Interarch Light for residential Projects:



      Out house

     Health Club

     Indoor Games Room

     Generator Room

      Extra Rooms

      Ground + 2 flats

      Guard Room



Major Projects Executed for Residential Segment


Company Name   Location Application
Residence Building Haldawani House Roof top extension
Farm House Delhi Farm House
Kailash Inn Delhi Guest House , Roof top Extension
Yuga Builders Chennai Sample Flat
Insecticides India Limited Chennai Guard Room


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