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Applications of Interarch Pre-engineered Buildings For Paint Manufacturing Facilities:

     Finished Goods Warehouse

     RMG (Raw Material Godown)

     Water based paint block Barrel godown

     Resin & Emulsion Block

     Packaging material godown

     Solvent based paint block

     Incinerator block

High Rise Buildings for the Paint Industry

Interarch with its expertise in designing and manufacturing high rise steel structures has executed a number of projects for the paint manufacturing companies where structures as high as 30m are required. The quality of our product along with the strength of our design team has enabled Interarch to manufacture High rise paint facilities for all the top paint manufacturers in the country. These high rise buildings allow you to set up massive warehouses, godowns & paint blocks achieving the functionality and efficiency required.

Interarch Building System Expertise for the Paint Industry

     High-Rise buildings - Upto 30 M high

     Controlled Atmosphere - Our expertise of insulation helps keep the
      humidity level under limit.

     Collateral load from Rafters & Purlins - Our building can withstand
      60-80 Kg/Sq. M load for Ducting.

     Suspended Ceiling System - False ceiling were introduced to
      Indian market by our company and hence we are very well
      equipped and experienced to cater to all your needs.

     Expertise of design team with the technical requirement if any in
      Paint plant.

     Expansion of current manufacturing facility without interruption in production.

Major Projects executed for the Paint Industry



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