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Light for Residential Buildings


Interarch light is the best solution for residential projects.
Builders can easily use the Interarch Light building systems
due to its features allowing fast and clean erection, in just 45-60 days, rather than months.

This lightweight structure system is ideal for residential buildings
in remote & hilly areas where it is difficult to find labour or other building material required for conventional way of construction.

Interarch light buildings do not require water for curing & there is
no unnecessary hassel at the site, the material is made in the factory under controlled environment which just has to be fastned together at the site using specially designed fasteners.

This ensures that the quality of the end product i s far better than that of conventional system.


Application of Interarch Light for Residential buildings:


Farm Houses
Guest Houses
Ground + 2 buildings
Low Cost Budget Houses
Sample flat
Recreation Rooms
Guard Room
Covered car Parking
Health club
Misc. Rooms
Servant Quarters/Rooms

Why is Interarch Light best for residential buildings:

Light Weight Economical Buildings
Architecture versatility & Aesthetic design
Dry Wall Finishing
30%-40% less time required in comparison to conventional system of construction
Fire & Termite Proof
Many options available for exterior finishes
Earth Quake resistance is more than conventional buildings
Low maintenance of the house after completion
No disturbance/pollution to current structure during construction process
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