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     Faster occupancy-build up time required is 50% less as compared to RCC -
      sooner your new warehouse is finished, the sooner your business can start using
      it and benefit.

     Less consumption of electricity due to energy efficient Interarch Tracdek Metal
      Roof & Wall Systems

     Economical Mezzanines floors to aid racking space-less space wastage.

     Space Utilization-Interarch Steel building can be customized to exactly suit your

     Extensive Cold storage solutions for cold area’s within buildings and complete
      cold storage sheds

     Energy Savings with Interarch Natural Lighting & Ventilation Systems

     Eco-Friendly Buildings - 90% of the material used in our buildings can be

     Architectural versatility- the building can be expanded even after construction saving time & money in future

     High stacking area - 20m heights possible

     Interarch Buildings are virtually maintenance free

     Earthquake resistance

     Fire Safe - Fire retarding solutions available providing greater safety for your products

     Several exterior materials to match your current office or factory building.

     Larger Clear Spans for vehicular movement with clear spans of upto 100m with no central support columns
      allowing for obstruction-free movement within the building.

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