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     Interarch Green Buildings
     “Join the growing green building movement”


What is a green building?

A Green Building is a collection of design and construction strategies that significantly reduce the negative environmental impacts of a building while providing healthy indoor space for its occupants.


What is LEED?

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-INDIA) is a certification program and an internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing performance in several key areas of human and environmental health, including

     Sustainable site development

     Water efficiency

     Energy efficiency

     Materials selection

     Indoor environmental quality

Buildings are awarded certificates -“Platinum,” “Gold,” “Silver,” on the basis of rating points earned by them.

What is IGBC?

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is a part of CII, and was formed in 2001. The vision of the council is to usher in a green building movement in India and facilitate India to become one of the global leaders in green buildings with following objectives:

     Energy saving to the extent of 30 - 40 % right from day one

     Enhanced indoor air quality

     Higher productivity of occupants

     Potable water saving to the tune of 20% - 30%

     Enhanced day light & Ventilation


Why should you join the growing green building movement?

     Government provides property tax incentives.

     Fast environmental clearances to green projects.

     Energy saving of 20-30% which becomes a major expense reduction in long run.

     Concessions on interest rates by few banks for constructing green buildings.

     Positive impact on the Brand image of the company & Publicity

     Corporate social responsibility obligations are fulfilled when you help conserver

Interarch Pre-Engineered Green Building:

Our buildings are not just eco-friendly, but also profitable in the long run. Our Green buildings entitle you to get Green ratings and certificates for your own project.

     Environmental Benefit-Our buildings are 100% steel which is recyclable up to 90%, this saves primary resources and reduces
       waste hence saves energy.

     Ventilation system – Unique designs of our buildings help in proper air flow and temperature control thus providing healthy &
       comfortable indoor environment.

     We use bare Galvalume with sleep slope(>1:6)- this minimizes the heat island effect

     We install 3-5 % skylights on the roof of the total roof area of the building which reduces the need of artificial lights inside the
       building and saves electricity

     Our building help in reducing the carbon footprint by reducing the solid waste, improving air and waste quality and conserving
       natural resources by reducing the rate of consumption

     We employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our
       state of the art manufacturing facilities.

     Pollution free and further recyclable - Even after demolition our buildings doesn't accumulate wastage like asphalt shingles,
       concrete, brick and dust in the environment and steel can be recycled for other applications.

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