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Jain Irrigation System,
Interarch, a leader in pre-engineered steel building solutions recently completed a project in Pune with Jain Irrigation Systems for their cold storage buildings and a research lab. The total worth of the projects done by Interarch till date is approximately INR 123.30 million.

In the past Interarch has also done few projects with Jain Irrigation, In 2009 a Manufacturing facility was built by Interarch in Jalgaon, 2007 a Manufacturing Facility in Chittor, Andhra Pradesh, In 2007 three buildings were made ; Factory boiler shed, Coal shed, Baggas shed in Jalgaon

Jain Irrigation System is a beyond irrigation. The Corporation has multi product industrial profile and manufacturers of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Components; PVC, Polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE) & Polypropylene Piping Systems; Plastic Sheets (PVC & PC sheets); Agro Processed Products includes Dehydrated Onions and Vegetables; Processed Fruits (Purees, Concentrates & Juices); Tissue Culture, Hybrid & Grafted Plants; Greenhouses, Poly and Shade Houses; Bio-fertilizers; Green Energy includes Solar Photovoltaic (Solar lighting and appliances, Solar pumping systems), Solar water heating systems and Bio-Energy sources. We render consultancy for complete or partial project planning and implementation e.g. Watershed or Wasteland and / or Crop Selection and Rotation

Project Highlights
The cold storage lab is a 2 building set up, with 1440 Sq. M and 1500 Sq. M respectively as the Building area. The project was completed in two months, one of the fastest projects delivered by Interarch.

The first building had a provision for the load of cable tray of 100kg/rmt including a fascia of 30 x 30 M. The entire roof area has Polynum roof insulation. The second building was also designed as per the cable tray load, fascia 32 x 32 M. Both the buildings were completed as per the latest codes.
Project 1 2012
Building Name Jain Irrigation System
Building No. 1 2
Building Usage Cold Storage Cold Storage
Dimensions L- 45 M, W- 32 M, Height - 5 M L- 50 M, W- 30 M, Height - 5 M
Building Area 1440 Sq. M 1500 Sq. M
Project Features
Design of the building was made considering the Cable tray Load
Fascia Included of 32 X 32 M
Insulation was installed (Polynum Type) for full roof area.
Complete building was designed as per the latest codes
Provision for the load of Cable Tray of 100kg/Rmt is made
Fascia of 30 X 30 M included
Polynum roof insulation for the entire roof area
Complete building was designed as per the latest codes

Another project with Jain Irrigation system is a research lab which was completed in 1 month for which the erection part was completed in 7 days where the hip roof rafter systems with 1m stub columns considered above 7.5M of RCC columns. The rafters were installed from outside the building structure. A 400 tonn of crane was used to install the rafters only because there was limited space for installation.
Project 2
Building Name Jain Irrigation System
Type Hip roof Rafter System with 1m stub columns considered above 7.5 M of RCC columns
Building Usage Research Lab
Dimensions L- 31M+ 1.5M of projection on both side walls, W- 32 M + 1.5M of projection on both side walls
Project Features
Rafters will rest on the full height of the 7.5M of RCC columns
The rafters were installed from outside the building structure
A 400 MT of crane weight was considered while designing the rafter
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