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JCB India Limited
JCB India Limited, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Interarch in 2014 designed, manufactured and delivered a fabrication shop and assembly shop for JCB India Limitied in Jaipur.The buildings are spread over the area of 30400 Sq. Mt and 22800 Sq. Mt. respectively.

The project is designed according to the latest IS design codes, IS 800: working stress design for both the buildings with consideration given to all the geographical data like wind velocity, seismic zone as per IS standard for every particular site. The lateral forces resulting from the seismic or wind loads are resisted by diagonal bracing and jack portals at intermediate column locations. The design of the building was such that temperature was kept in control for monitoring the thermal expansion and contraction.

The expertise of Interarch design department reduced the engineering time of the fabrication shop and assembly shop which was very complex and new innovation has been done to design the building.Interarch for the first time designed a building bearing heavy load of approximately 225 M hanging from the roof and for the column grid of 40 x 24 M. Higher grade of 450 MPa steel has been used for the built up members.

Interarch had to deploy innovative solutions like highest safety standard which were followed in line with the international standard to achieve zero accident, Logistic and warehousing control at site to meet site standard norms. Daily tool box meeting to review the site status and way forward was done, regular Quality check jointly with client was done & corrective measures to achieve best quality in line with global standard were taken. Highest level of safety standard was showcased by Interarch Project Management team at the site achieving zero accident with over 150 skilled workers working at site.

The project was completed in record period of 6 Months.

JCB India Limited, Ballabgarh (Haryana), India’s largest manufacturer of construction equipment is a fully owned subsidiary of JC Bamford Excavators Limited, UK. The company offers 24 different machines in seven product types such as Backhoe Loaders, Loading Shovels, Tracked Excavators, Compactors, Telehandlers, Skid Steer Loaders and Pick and Carry Crane.

Project Key Features
Project Name JCB India Limited - Fabrication Shop
Project Location Rajasthan
Area 30400 Sq. M
Project Features
Fabrication Shop
Building dimensions W- 160 M, L - 190 M, H - 9.5 M clear height
24 M of spacing has been given in intermediate bay column location
Box Columns has been used in the Jack Portal

Project Name JCB India Limited - Assembly Shop
Project Location Rajasthan
Area 22800 MT
Project Features
Assembly Shop
Building dimensions W- 120 M, L - 190 M, H - 9.5 M clear height
24 M of spacing has been given in intermediate column location
Loading for Conveyor System (by others) of 225 Kg per Sq. M collateral load from rafters has been considered while designing the building
Depth of the Jack Beams provided is 2.5 M

JCB Testimony
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