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REI Agro, Bawal , Haryana

REI Agro is the largest basmati rice processing and marketing company in the globe. From modest beginnings in 1996, the company has grown to hold the largest market share of the basmati rice segment worldwide. Today, REI Agro is an integrated player, undertaking activities right from procuring paddy to drying, de-husking, milling and polishing, color sorting, grading, inspection, packing, branding, distribution and retailing.

REI Bawal is state of art Rice milling plant which once complete will help the company to increase the production level.

Building Location Bawal, Haryana
Building Usage Rice milling plant
Value 6.7 CR
Building Area 5600 Sq. M including Mezzanines
Length Building 1: 60 M Building 2: 23 M
Width Building 1: 48 M Building 2: 24 M
Height Building 1: 29 M Building 2: 14 M
720 Sq. M of 3 level mezzanines with 29 M with chequered plate with live load of 800 kg/m
Silo building-29 M clear height covering multiple silo

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