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Interarch Delivered Pre-Engineered Building for SMS India Private Limited

Interarch with its vast experience in delivering heavy and complex structures delivers the project for India Private Limited in Odisha. The project is spread over an area of 23000 Sq. M and the tonnage of the building is 3000 MT.

SMS group is into metallurgical plant and rolling mill technology from one source. Their plants, machines, services and process know-how are used in the steel, aluminum and nonferrous metal industry worldwide. Together with their sister companies, they offer a full range of products and services under SMS group roof.

The project delivered has provision for multiple crane brackets across different width modules. Mezzanine of area 125 Sq. M for live load up to 500kg/ Sq. M. All cranes are cab operated except for monorail cranes. Due to the heavy nature of the columns Laced Columns arrangement has been provided.

The building is provided with a Full width Canopy of 5 meter projections on both end walls and a lean to building of dimensions 12.5 M x 90 M is attached to the main building. The building is designed as per IS 800:1984 and deflection as per latest IS code.

Project Highlights
Project Name SMS India Pvt. Ltd
Location Khurda, Odisha
Building Usage Main Workshop Building
Total Tonnage 3000 MT
Total Area 23000 Sq. M
Dimensions W- 140 M, L- 160 M, H- 17.25 M clear height at eaves and 26 M at ridge
Building has crane provision for multiple cranes. Details as under
Width Module #01 of 30 M span - 2nos. @ 30 MT EOT
Width Module #02 of 30 M span - 2nos. @ 40 MT EOT
Width Module #03 of 30 M span - 2nos. @ 63 MT EOT
Width Module #04 of 25 M span - 2nos. @ 40 MT EOT
Width Module #05 of 25 M span – 2nos. @ 30 MT EOT
Monorail cranes 1no. of 5 MT , 8 nos. of 2.5 MT & 2 nos 3 MT are present
End wall spacing of 14M is provided
Mezzanine of 10 M x 12.5 M for live load of 500 Kg/ Sq. M & Dead Load of 150 RCC thick slab
Partitions have been provided longitudinally and transversely
Transverse and longitudinal roof monitor with day light panels on roof and side walls
Walkways of 1M wide at end Walls/side walls with staircases
Maintenance platforms for CT/Hoist repairing
Special kind of utility Support arrangement for pipes & cable tray
Roof access cage ladder from walkway level
Roof - SS-2000 (0.7 mm)Total Cover Thickness color coated Galvalume

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