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Possibilities of Interarch Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings for Warehouses
Interarch has become the preferred choice for steel buildings for the Food Supply, Storage & Distribution Industry. Interarch Warehouses are economical, well ventilated structures with skylights for daylighting that reduces the power consumption. Possibilities and applications for Warehousing & Logistics sector:
bullet.png Large warehouse buildings for Logistics Parks
bullet.png Warehouse Buildings for Industrial & E-Commerce companies
bullet.png Cold Storages
bullet.png Sabsi Mandi Sheds
bullet.png Warehouses For Government Department
Armed with the world-class construction technology and international quality, Interarch has the capabilities to help building structures for those who help build new India
Growth Prospects of Warehousing Sector in India:
India is set to witness investments close to Rs 50,000* crore for the creation of warehousing facilities across the country between 2018 and 2020. Two prominent changes that have created a significant growth prospect in warehousing are the implementation of GST in India and creating a unified taxation, and the rapid growth of e-commerce necessitating the building of large-scale warehousing across various locations. Peripheral locations of tier 1 and tier 2 cities are expected to be the prime beneficiaries of the new wave of growth in warehousing. The overall growth in e-commerce and a shortening turnaround time for delivery has necessitated a sharp growth in warehousing in the country. Apart from E-Commerce, the next big sector of spaces will be the electronics and white goods that command significant warehousing spaces in urban and semi -urban locations. These are also sectors that, despite their incremental requirements in warehousing, are averse to owning the requisite place, therefore mostly reliant on third-party warehousing.

Advantages of Interarch Steel Buildings for Warehousing
Advantages of Pre- Engineered Buildings::
bullet.png Faster Occupancy: Build up time required is 40% less as compared to Conventional construction
bullet.png Economical & Energy Efficient: Steel is up to 90% recyclable and warehouse buildings are designed to provide proper ventilation inside the building thus reducing energy consumption
bullet.png Low Maintenance- Buildings are virtually maintenance free or require very low maintenance
bullet.png Architectural Versatility - Pre- Engineered buildings can be easily expanded as per future requirement and are designed for maximum capacity utilization
bullet.png Large Clear Spans- Warehouse buildings can be made for a clear span of up to 120 M to support function requirements
bullet.png High Stacking Area - The building can be designed for automatic robotics operations and can be built with clear heights of up-to 40 M
Interarch Industry Spokesperson - Mr. Amit Shah,Designers' Consultancy Services

amit-shah.jpgMr Shah feels that the demand of the warehouses has increased with a focus on Make In India, Implementation of GST, Growth of E-Commerce and Infrastructure status for Logistics Industry, demand for Large, modern and state of art warehousing space has increased multifold. He feels that the growth seen in Logistics sector has been just tip of an iceberg. A lot of international giants are yet to open their shop and expand their network. Industry must get ready for the requirements & Challenges.

He feels that in order to reduce warehousing cost, It is utmost important to have practically maintenance free warehouse space. The major maintenance item has been leakages. Roof leakages, primarily happen through Turbo vents and sky light. Louvers, if not detailed and installed properly, can also be a major source of leakage through the sides. One should ensure that the item must be installed properly while erection and proper detailing during engineering must be done. Ventilation in the warehouse is another important aspect, many do not realize. Proper calculation of no's of air changes in the warehouse can make occupants life much comfortable. Also, most economical span would depend upon wind load at location and total collateral load requirements, but typically, the span between vary 20m to 30m are optimum.

Also, now many warehouse owners have started giving importance to IGBC rating and are considering many parameters to be met in order to get Green Building Certification. Typically, water conservation, Energy conservation, Material conservation, Indoor environment quality, and Innovative design are some of the major objectives to achieve Green Building Certification.

As per him the biggest advantage of using steel warehouse buildings is that these buildings are cost effective, Faster Construction than any other construction methodology and, takes less maintenance. However, he suggests that typically, quarterly audit of the building should be done to ensure good health of the building. An audit shall include checking of any leakage locations, damaged sheets if any, damaged paint areas and tightening of bolts are some of important items need to be covered to increase the life span of the building

Major projects executed by Mr. Shah include warehouse building for Ikea at the Indospace Logistics Park at Chakan with over 3 lac Sq. Ft. warehousing space under a single roof with all the state of art facilities. Also the Largest G+1 warehouse building in India at Indospace logistics park , Chakan with total construction area of approx. 3.5 Lac Sq. Ft.

Project Spotlight: Kool Solutions Pvt Ltd, Taloja

Interarch delivered Cold Storage Building for Kool Solution Pvt Ltd at Taloja in Navi Mumbai spread over an area of 5300 Sq.M. The scope of work included design, engineering, fabrication, supply and erection of the Pre-Engineered building.

Project Location Taloja, Navi Mumbai
Building Usage Cold Storage Unit
Project Area 5300 Sqm
Length 121 M
Breath 43 M
Live Load 500 kg/m2
Seismic Zone III
Mezzanine Mezzanine area of 4193 m
Interarch Industry Spokesperson - Mr. Navin Garg, LN Bangur Group of Companies

news-apr18-img4.jpgMr. Navin Garg, group chief project officer at LNB Group and overlooks verticals of project management of the entire group. Mr. Garg is a civil engineering graduate from National Institute of Engineering Mysore & MBA in Finance from DAVV Indore. He has 29 years of rich experience and has worked as head of projects in different companies. As per him, there is a big market for new warehouses in India, especially for Agri commodities and ecommerce companies due to tax benefits and huge demand of products from across the country. The States with maximum warehousing requirements are in South India and North West regions.

He feels that PEB building is ideal for warehouse construction, as they provide optimized design which maximizes the storage inside the building and are completed in fixed time schedule without any delays. As per him warehouse users should consider installing seamless sheeting for the roof of the warehouse buildings as it provides a leak proof roof without any special maintenance. The benefit of steel buildings is that it helps in reducing timelines. Recent example is the completion of warehouse buildings in just 7 months spread over an area of 1,00,000 Sq. Ft. in Ratlam & Dewas.

According to Mr Gargt proper time must be given while designing the building and special focus should be given to parameters like wind speed, direction of the wind, height of building, openings for ventilation and calculation of air changes during the design stage. As per him, the ideal clear span required for an economical warehouse building is 30 M.


He feels the simple warehouses are getting upgraded from just warehouse buildings to modern logistic centers, where there are requirement for other development like security room, Admin Block, Guest House and utility structure, separate packaging area and proper norms has to be followed to ensure smooth flow of product from the time it enters the facility. For development of 5000 MT capacity of warehouse, minimum land required is around 2.5 to 3 acres to simplify the warehousing operations. On focusing Building maintenance, he suggest to do timely painting of structure, cleaning of the pipe system for proper drainage of water and zero accumulation of water on sheeting.

Major Projects Delivered for Warehouse Industry:

Interarch caters to some of the most diverse steel building construction projects in India ranging from clients like Indospace Logistics, Sunset Real Estate, Safexpress, Central India Logistics Ltd, Avalon Warehousing Corporation, Container Corporation of India Ltd and many more. Interarch efficient warehouses can be customized to any shape or size with clear height up to 40 m and clear span up to 120 m possible.

Main Client/Contractor City State Industry
Delhi Cargo Service Centre New Delhi New Delhi Warehousing & Logistics
Tristar  Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Pipav Gujarat Warehousing & Logistics
Indospace Logistics Pvt Ltd Chennai T.N Warehousing & Logistics
Vijay Logistic Pune Maharashtra Warehousing & Logistics
Sunsat Real Estate Pvt Ltd Gurgaon Haryana Warehousing & Logistics
Sat Prakash Sharma & Co. Jamalpur, Gurgaon Haryana Warehousing & Logistics
M.K. Enterprises Chennai T.N Warehousing & Logistics
Anjenaya Infrastructure Ltd Bangalore Karnataka Warehousing & Logistics
Tristar  Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Hoshangabad M.P Warehousing & Logistics
India Land & Space Logistics Pvt Ltd Binola Haryana Warehousing & Logistics
A.S.Cargo Movers Pvt Ltd Hosur Karnataka Warehousing & Logistics
Transafe Freight System Pvt Ltd Guwahati Assam Warehousing & Logistics
Titanium Logistics and Industrial Park LLP Ahmedabad Gujarat Warehousing & Logistics
Central India Logistics Ltd Dhule, Maharashtra Maharashtra Warehousing & Logistics
Logistics Multi Services Kalmeshwar Maharashtra Warehousing & Logistics
Pinnacle Warehousing LLP Ahmedabad Gujarat Warehousing & Logistics
Rishi Kiran Logistics Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad Gujarat Warehousing & Logistics
Container Corporation of India Ltd. Bangalore/Jodhpur Karnataka Warehousing & Logistics
Rudraparatp Indian Logistics Pvt Ltd Kheda Gujarat Warehousing & Logistics
Navjyoti Commodities Dewas,MP M.P Warehousing & Logistics
Safexpress Pvt Ltd Faridabad Haryana Warehousing & Logistics
Project Won Project Completed
bullet.png CEAT Tyres in Tamil Nadu
bullet.png Inter weave India LLP Industries in Dadra & Nagar Haveli
bullet.png Mahabal Auto Ancillaries Pvt Ltd in Uttarakhand
bullet.png Counto Metals and Mining Company Ltd in Maharashtra
bullet.png Patanjali Ayurved Ltd in Uttarakhand
bullet.png Jaspreet Singh & Chamkaur Singh in Punjab
Training & Development

Interarch organized training for Supervisor in Pantnagar plant on 12 March 2018.

Latest trends in technology to watch out for in 2018: Warehousing & Logistics Industry
Artificial Intelligence in warehousing & Logistics Industry

news-apr18-img9.jpgArtificial intelligence is expanding rapidly into fulfillment and distribution centers at a time when online orders are rising and quick deliveries are a must. From manufacturing to order processing and placement, the customer experience has improved a hundredfold since the implementation of artificial super intelligence systems. Using automated systems in a warehouse has several advantages; robotics is becoming a part of fulfillment operations more quickly than originally expected. Nearly 40,000 robots were shipped to warehouses in 2016, but market intelligence firm Tractica predicts that amount will jump to 620,000 in four years.

Robotic technology comes in varying levels of sophistication and aren’t as far-fetched as some people would think. Some are limited to unloading or pallet stacking while others are capable of picking orders and delivering them to workers. AI is more noticeable in the latter because they are able to maneuver across the warehouse floor with limited human interaction and can self-adjust depending on their surroundings.

Not surprisingly, Amazon operates the largest line of industrial robotics with 45,000 deployed throughout its fulfillment centers, but this technology is not out of reach for midsize companies.

Men’s fashion retailer Bonobos and its partnering fulfillment center use robotic technology to quickly find items to package and ship. An item can be found as soon as an order is placed boosting productivity by 800 percent.

Why Steel is obvious choice - Marche international de Rungis

Marche International de Rungis is located in the principal market of Paris, in the community of Rungis, in the southern suburbs. It is the largest wholesale food market in the world.

The central market of Paris was located in the centre of the city, in a 10-hectare area named Les Halles. It became too small to accommodate all of the business demand, and, in 1969, the market was transferred to the suburbs.

• The complex covers 232-hectares (573 acres);
• 13,000 people work there every day;
• 26,000 vehicles enter every day (of which 3,000 are heavy trucks);

Source*: //economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/63466211.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst


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