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INTERARCHģ Pre-Engineered Buildings Applications

We Don't Supply Buildings We Deliver Projects


Interarch Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems, or PEBís, are buildings that are tailor-made to suit the clientís exact needs.
Interarch was the first company to introduce Pre-Engineered buildings in India. These buildings are flexible enough to suit different building dimensions, ranging from small guardhouses to large ware-houses, and workshops to entire stadiums.
PEBís are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, from rain and extreme cold, to extreme heat.
The exteriors, both walls and watertight roofing, are completely maintenance-free, so there are no extra costs on top of the building itself.


Applications & Possibilities of Interarch Pre-Engineered Buildings

Automotive manufacturing facility: Paint Shop, Weld Shop, Engine Shop & Gear Box Shop, Ancillary Building, Administrative and Canteen Building, Storage Warehouse, Crane Installation, All other manufacturing & Assembly shop   Garment manufacturing facilities: Spinning Mills ,Garment Production Unit, Cutting Facilities ,Garment Specialized Workstation, Current Building Expansion

Mezzanine Floors in Pre-engineered Buildings: Storage platform, Office space ,Workshop area   Aviation Sector: Air plane Hangars ,Cargo and freight stations ,Flight Kitchens annexure buildings, Warehouses Fire Stations buildings, Roof & Ceiling of buildings

Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities: Drug Manufacturing Facility, Service Floors, Equipment & Disposable facility, Packaging & Storage Facility, Laboratory Facilities ,R & D Building   Warehouses: Faster occupancy-build up time required is 50% less as ,compared to RCC Economical Mezzanines floors to aid racking space, Less wastage of space, Extensive Cold storage solutions ,High stacking area–20m heights possible, Larger Clear Spans for vehicular movement with clear spans of up to 100m

Multi-Storey Buildings: Commercial offices ,Educational Institutes, Dormitories Hospitals, Car-Parking, Miscellaneous Buildings Paint Manufacturing Facilities: Finished Goods Warehouse, RMG(Raw Material Godown), Water based plant block Barrel godown, Resin & Emulsion Block, Packaging material godown, Solvent , based paint block, Incinerator block Rice manufacturing Facilities: Raw paddy godown ,Cleaning unit ,Drier and necessary supporting Structures such as, boiler /blower system etc., Milling section, finished product stores, Machine rooms ,Auxiliary structures such as office watch and ward etc

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