pre engineered structures
Flyover, Foot Over Bridge & Bridge Structure
Flyover Structures

Bridges, flyovers and FOBs in steel allow flexibility to build large structures in a short period of time.


  • Beam bridges
  • Truss bridges - 30 m to 375 m.
  • Cantilever bridges 300 m to 550 m
  • Arch bridges - span range of 200 m to 500 m
  • Tied arch bridges
  • Suspension bridges - best solution for long span bridges up to 1200 m
  • Cable-stayed bridges - for a span up to 700 m
  • Fixed or movable bridges
  • Double-decked bridges

Benefits of Interarch Bridge Structures

  • Sleek, strong and long span structures with lighter foundation
  • Durable structures, longer life and improved life cycle performance
  • Better seismic performance
  • Environment friendly structures
  • Faster construction
  • Cost competitiveness, easy construction, maintenance and up-gradation
  • Steel has high tensile strength, with so small section can fully meet the structural requirement
  • Installation of steel bridges in the field more quickly than with concrete bridges and require a relatively small space at the location of construction.
  • Steel bridges can be devoted to tailored or adjusted to the conditions in the field perfectly. Where the location contains the most from the mud and earth is weak, the construction of a steel bridge can be done easily and safely because of heavy steel, only 25 - 35% of the dead weight of concrete structure.
  • Steel has uniform quality and accuracy of the size than concrete material.