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TRACDEK® Metal Roof & Wall Systems
Roof & Wall Profiles

Galvalume®Coated Steel

TRACDEK® profiles are available in both ribbed and flat panels to give a variety of finishes for attractive roofing and cladding of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The profiles are available in the following standard finishes:

  • Organic coated pre-painted Galvalume® high tensile steel with silicon polyester or fluoropolymer (PVF2) coating.
  • Organic coated pre-painted galvanized steel with polyester coating.
  • Organic coated pre-painted aluminum with fluoropolymer (PVF2) coating.
  • Bare Galvalume® and galvanized finishes.

All the roof and wall coverings are supplied with custom accessories such as flashing, cappings, futters, trims, fasteners, etc. which are formed out of the same substrates and coatings as the roof and wall covering panels.

TRACDEK® Galvalume® Plus

TRACDEK® profiles are now available in Galvalume® Plus. A significant advance in protective coating for sheet steel roofing and cladding TRACDEK® Galvalume® Plus is a zinc-aluminum coated steel offering high corrosion resistance with a clear resin coating.

The alloy coating comprises of 55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.5% silicon. This coating combines the superior barrier protection of aluminum and the sacrificial cut edge protection of zinc.

TRACDEK® Galvalume® Plus is available in coating class AZ 150 (150 gm/m2 minimum coating mass) and offers 2-4 times the service life of traditional galvanized steel in similar coating thickness under severe environment conditions.

TRACDEK® Galvalume® profiles are supplied with an optional organic colour coating in silicon modified polyester or fluoropolymer (70% Kynar 500).

These colour coated profiles exhibit excellent life to first maintenance in excess of 20 years. Galvalume® is a registered trade mark of BIEC International, USA.


TRACDEK® is available in the following base materials in standard execution:

  • Galvalume®high tensile cold rolled steel as per AS 1397, coating class AZ 150 (150 gm/m2 zinc-aluminum alloy coating mass, total of both sides), 550 MPa/300 MPa yield strength.
  • Galvanized cold rolled steel as per IS:277 and IS:513 (min. 175 gms/ m2 zinc coating mass total of both sides), 240 MPa yield strength.
  • Aluminum alloy AA3 105.
  • Colour coating –over baked paint system applied to substrates:
    - Silicon polyester or flouropolymer (70% Kynar 500) 20 microns top coat over primer (finished side), neutral back coat over primer (back side) over Galvalume® steel.
    - Polyester top coat 20 microns over primer (finished side), back coat (back side) over galvanized steel.
    - Flouropolymer (70% Kynar 500) or polyester top coat 20 microns over primer (finished side), neutral back coat (back side) over aluminum.
  • Tolerance: Length: + 0-10 mm, Cover width: ± 6 mm.
  • Packing: in strapped bundles (maximum of one ton, mass for steel).
  • Length: Available in any length between 1000 mm to 12000 mm cut to suit customer’s requirement. Length’s above 6000 mm are subject to transportation limitations.
TRACDEK® Hi-Rib®Back

TRACDEK® Hi-Rib®, a pierced fixed roof and wall covering system, consists of structurally-engineered profiled panels that are available in single length (up to 12 metres) and are fixed by means of self-drilling fasteners. All the ribs are clipped on and are interlocked. No penetration is done for its fixation to the roof or wall framing.

he patented fluted side lap makes TRACDEK®Hi-Rib® completely watertight.
The side lap is totally weatherproof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run-off.

Long lengths and weatherproof side lap allow TRACDEK®Hi-Rib® to be used safely on roof pitches as low as 3 degree (approximately 1 in 20) in single-sheet lengths, 5 degree (approximately 1 in 11) with end laps, and for vertical cladding.


TRACDEK® Klippon® is a concealed fixed snap-on seam roof/wall covering system that consists of structurally strong high-ribbed panels with wide-fluted pans for
efficient water shedding and are fixed by means of concealed clips. All the ribs are clipped on and are interlocked. No penetration is done for its fixation to the roof or
wall framing. These are ideally suited for regions which receive heavy rainfall and
can be used on slopes as low as 1 in 20.

The clip-on side lap makes the Klippon® profile completely water-tight. The side lap
is totally weatherproof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and
dispersed by normal run-off.

Long lengths and weatherproof side lap allow the Klippon® profile to be used safely on roof pitches as low as 2 degree (approximately 1 in 30) for single length sheets, 3 degree (approximately 1 in 20) with end laps.

SS-2000® Back

TRACDEK® SS-2000®, also known as TRACDEK® Vertical Leg Structural Standing Seam Roof System, blends the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength
of a structural panel. These panels have good uplift ratings assuring the reliability of the roof and can go down to roof slopes of up to 1:50. The designer is thus afforded
a flexible tool to meet any design challenge.


Architectural Structural Panel

TRACDEK® SS-2000® is a field seamed system that combines a slim rib with exceptional uplift resistance. This panel has been designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions. This systems features optional factory installed hot-melt mastic for low slope applications to ensure weather tight seams. Ribs are provided for added aesthetic value.

Profile SS 2000
Snap Together NO
Filed Seamed YES
Min. Roof Slope 1:50
Transition NO
Width Available 430mm / 300mm
Delight Panels YES
Solutions YES
Clip Available High or Low fixed High or Low floating
Seam Height 51 mm

Concealed Fastening System

A wide choice of concealed fastening clips is available for the system. These clips hold the panels firmly in place without exposed fasteners. Each clip system offers the ability to accommodate thermal movement.

Uplift Ratings

The TRACDEK® SS-2000® system has been tested for uplift ratings to satisfy most building requirements.

On-site Roll Forming

Facility of on-site roll forming eliminates panel end lap condition. Panels are manufactured ‘at-the-eaves’ enabling single length panels on long roof runs.


The system is designed to be installed over open framing. 15 mm plywood, or a composite roof assembly may be used as alternate sub-structures.


Manufactured from high quality Galvalume® steel and by fully automated machines, TRACDEK® Wall profiles provide a reliable envelope for the steel building for the
years to come.

With its strengthened profiled troughs, the TRACDEK® Wall is a flat wall with
pleasant aesthetics which homogenizes with conventional brick walls.

Cranes & Mezzanines Back

Cranes in Buildings

Interarch pre-engineered buildings can be designed to accept most types of crane systems such as EOT, Monorail, Under-hung cranes and other load carrying devices like conveyors etc., in both clear-span and multi-span buildings. When a crane system is to be integrated, Interarch’s scope is limited to brackets and crane runway beams which support the crane system. Complete information on the crane system is required in order to design and estimate buildings with cranes.

Mezzanines in Buildings

Intermediate mezzanine floors are possible in metal buildings. Mezzanine floors can be provided in complete or partial area in pre-engineered buildings to suit loading requirements for office and storage. Mezzanine floors consist of steel decks, supported by joists framed to the mezzanine beams. Main mezzanine beams normally run across the width of the building and are located under the main rafters while joists run parallel to the length of the building. The top flange of the joists fit immediately below the top flange of the mezzanine beam.

The economy of the mezzanine floor is affected by the applied load and support column spacings. Multi-level equipment platforms, catwalks, staircases etc. can be accommodated, if complete data is available.


Interarch metal buildings have the flexibility to allow integration of all kinds of standard bought out accessories. Interarch also supplies proprietary accessories.