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TRAC® Suspended Ceiling Systems
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The TRAC® GRG range of ceiling tiles are manufactured from glass reinforced gypsum and comprise non-combustible gypsum casting plaster reinforced with a glass fibre membrane resulting in a light weight, strong and prestressed panel.

Surface Finish

The plaster has a silky smooth or textured moulded finish.


The tiles are normally supplied in their natural white finish and can be pre-decorated to order.


All designer tiles are designed for installation on a standard 600x600mm module 24mm table exposed metal grid and are precision made to within plus or minus 0.25mm.


For a guide, the tile weights are shown below but may vary depending upon the gypsum source.

 Tile   Kg / tile Kg / m2
 T206 Fine Texture Tiles 3.8 10.8
 T506 Travertine Texture Tiles 3.9 10.8
 T826   Shallow Coffers 4.5 12.5
 T906 Open Cell Tiles 4.1 11.4
 T906C Closed Cell Tiles 5.6 14.5

  • Fine Texture Tiles
  • Fine Texture Tiles
  • Fine Texture Tiles
  • Fine Texture Tiles
  • Fine Texture Tiles
  • Fine Texture Tiles
Fire Performance

Non-combustibility: TRAC® GRG tiles are rated non-combustible as defined in BS 476: Part-4, 1970.

Surface Spread of Flame: TRAC® GRG tiles are rated Class 1 for surface spread of flame to BS 476: Part-7, 1987.

Fire Propagation: Test results to BS 476: Par-6, 1989 indicate a Class O surface.

Smoke and Toxic Fume Emission: The tiles are zero rated for smoke emission. No toxic fumes are given off.

Humidity Resistance

The tiles have excellent moisture resistance and can be used in areas of high humidity including covered external areas, kitchens and bathrooms. Tested in an atmosphere of 95% R.H. at 12°C for 14 days, the tiles did not sag or distort and showed only a minimal increase in weight. Unlike most other ceiling materials, this important attribute can often be used to speed up the building program by installing the ceiling before the building is fully weathertight.


TRAC® GRG tiles will not support the growth of bacteria or other micro-organisms.


Under normal conditions TRAC® GRG tiles will not deteriorate and can be expected to last the lifetime of the building.


Suspension system is standard 24mm table exposed metal grid. TRAC® exposed metal grid systems are designed for maximum strength. The grid features main runners and cross tees roll formed from galvanised steel. The main and cross runners are provided with stab-in coupling for quick installation. The runners are pre coated to construct a variety of lay outs. Main and cross runners are provided with a coil coated steel capping on the exposed table in off-white colour. Grid system features main and cross tees 38mm high. The grid is suspended from the roof with GI wire rods and or quick adjustment suspension hangers at maximum 1200mm along the main runners. TRAC® GRG tiles are designed for lay-in mounting from below into standard grid.

Transport, Handling and Storage

TRAC® GRG tiles are supplied and packed in cardboard cartons. Cartons should be transported and stacked in the vertical position only, never flat; the stack should be a maximum of three cartons high. Similarly, tiles should be stacked vertically when awaiting fixing.


Main tees should normally be fixed at 1200mm centres with hangers every 1200 mm along the length of the tee. The tees would be in filled with 1200mm and 600mm cross tees. The grid manufacturers recommendations should be followed at all times.

Note: All perimeter tiles may be supported on only 3 sides without risk of sagging. Tiles can easily be cut by using a carpenters fine tooth saw; the lines should be placed face down on a flat, clean surface for cutting.

Design and Engineering SupportBack

The Interarch Architectural Projects and Service Group (ASG) provides customers with complete design, engineering, and drafting support. ASG can help you convert your most imaginative designs into reality.

Shop drawings and detailed bill of quantities are prepared for all projects to ensure correct product supply and application.