pre engineered structures
Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems

Interarch pre-engineered buildings are tailor-made solutions as per customer's needs and are custom-designed to meet exact requirements.

An Interarch building offers

  • Easy integration of all traditional construction materials such as brickwork, glazing, timber, etc.
  • Optimization in accordance with customer's requirements.
  • Addition of canopies as a direct continuation of the roofline or at a lower level with positive or negative roof slopes.
  • Addition of parapets, partially or completely around the building.
  • Weather-tight roof and wall coverings with accessories for maintenance-free exteriors.
  • Optimized design of steel thereby reducing weight, while meeting all design requirements
  • Quality design, manufacturing and erection.
Engineering StrengthsBack

Interarch's engineering strengths help convert complex and expensive conventional steel buildings into simpler and economical pre-designed, pre-engineered buildings without sacrificing utility and function. Interarch has, with the use of specialized software packages and custom developed analysis, computerized the entire engineering process.

Design calculations are comprehensive and the explanations are furnished to enable the consultants in understanding the design of an Interarch Pre-engineered Building.

International StandardsBack

Interarch's pre-engineered constructions are custom-designed solutions to meet the needs of the customer. All buildings and other structures are designed and constructed in accordance with the Indian Standards for applicable load. They are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest editions of the following codes:

  • Low-rise Buildings System Manual (MBMA) - Metal Building Manufacturers Association Inc., USA.
  • Low-rise Buildings System Manual (MBMA) - Metal Building Manufacturers Association Inc., USA.
  • Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual (AISI) - American Iron and Steel Institute, USA.
  • IS 800: 2007
  • IS 875