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Project Spotlight

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ASIAN Paints, Khandala, Pune Maharashtra 2011Back

The Paint Industry has been growing at a healthy rate over the past few years; Asian Paints is the market leader in decorative paints both distemper as well as emulsion paints. The company has a market share of over 65% of the decorative paints in India.

The main challenge in front of Interarch at this time was to finish the project in the stipulated time period along with high safety expectations of the client. Another challenge in front of Interarch was the extreme dimensions of the buildings required by client for manufacturing process and stacking of raw materials, the entire project has 18 buildings in totality had variable heights with buildings towering at those of up to 30 M and had clear spans of up to of 44 M. The total project consumed more than 3000 MT of steel for structural system and around 70,000 Sq. of roofing & sheeting was supplied and installed.

The entire pre-engineered steel was manufactured in Interarch Pantnagar plant and to overcome the shortness of time 3 shifts with over 150 workers & supervisor’s was started for nearly 2 months. Separate bays were created in the manufacturing plant to paint the rafters and beams as desired by the client. It took over 2 months to manufacture the steel and roofing system required.

Further, to save time no scaffolding were used and only electronic boom lifts were employed with specially trained manpower. For the first time safe roof access of 35 M high was created by Interarch of Pipe Structure and for safety inspection.

The client has also awarded Interarch Building Products for ensuring safe & healthy work environment at site. The client has also awarded Interarch Building Products for ensuring safe & healthy work environment at site.

Key Project Highlight

Project Name Asian Paints Ltd
Building Location Village Khandala, Pune Satara Road, Maharashtra
Building Usage Greenfield expansion projects for Asian Paints
Tonnage of building 3,000 MT
Roofing Supplied in MT 70,000 Sq. M
Value of Project 40 Cr.
Area of Project 65000 Sq. M
Important Feature of Project
  • Greenfield expansion projects for Asian Paints
  • Manpower Deployed: 500
  • Erection of Building : 3 months
  • Height of the Buildings : 30 M
  • 44 M clear span
  • Total number of Buildings-18
  • Completion time of Project 8-10 month
  • Standing Seam Roof
  • High safety expectation of the client
  • Safety Award Won by Asian Paints Ltd
  • No scaffolding, only electronic boom lifts
  • International erectors from south east Asia were employed
  • Safe Roof access of 35 M height was created of pipe structures for inspection
NITIN LIFESCIENCES Ltd, Ponta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh 2012Back

Nitin Lifesciences Ltd. a closely held limited company setup in 2005 has a world class facility to manufacture SVPs, Eye/Ear Drops, Dry Powder Injectables and Veterinary Injectable Products. Both the facilities of Nitin Lifesciences Ltd. are WHO- GMP certified. The organization is a renowned contract manufacturing for various leading pharmaceutical companies for the domestic & export markets.

Interarch delivered a G+2 floor building in Ponta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh for Nitin Lifesciences. The building is 140 meters in length & 40 meters in width with a total height of 11 meters for one building. The complete project will be delivered in phases the 1st phase with the construction of one building has been completed.

The building completed has been provided with a round cut in the roofing to provide space for the boiler. Especially on client request a square shaped multi – level Pipe Rack is being provided which will connect both buildings. 1 level of Mezzanine is being provided in the Utility Block as well.

The project was completed in a mere time of 3.5 months. With a total manpower of 75 people of which 3 were supervisors and 1 engineer was specifically assigned to the project.

Key Features of the Project

Building Location Ponta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh
No. Of Buildings 2
Building Usage Drug Formulation Unit & Utility Block
Tonnage of building (Main Building) 605 Tonnes
Building Area (Main Building) 11000 Sq. M
Length (Main Building) 140 M
Width (Main Building) 40 M
Height (Main Building) 11 M
Features (Main Building)
  • First building ever made in Pharmaceutical industry on Fully Pre –Engineered Building Concept in India
  • it has 2 level of Mezzanine Floors
  • 7000 Sq. M of decking sheet used
  • Has special insulation in both roof and wall
  • 7000 Sq. M of Roofing Supplied
  • 4000 Sq. M of Wall Cladding
  • Multi – level pipe rack
  • Totally Insulated

Interarch Building System used in the project

  • 605 MT of total built up of Pre- Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Hi Rib® Roofing – Azure Blue
  • Wall Cladding System – Azure Blue
Sunita HydrocolloidsBack

Interarch is engineering, manufacturing and delivering the first Guar Gum Buildings Project in India, till now no project has been done in Pre-Engineered technology. Till date all construction in this process industry take in RCC only due to complicity of the buildings but for the first time after complex engineering and innovative design Interarch has been awarded the project of new manufacturing plant of Sunita hydrocolloids at Jodhpur, Rajasthan

This building will be utilized as a process plant for making Guar Gum powder. There are 6 different units or tower in this project. Each tower has a 3 level Mezzanine floor with deck panel with floor opening for equipment pipeline.

Total height of each tower is 15.3 M. The most important aspect of this project is that this project is that all the towers will be covered by a single shed of 33M clear span and a clear height of 23M.

Interarch further connected all the towers internally by walkway thereby giving it a one point access. One can travel through all the towers & floors. Industrial louvers have also been installed for proper ventilation. Each wall has a Liner panel with insulation.

Each floor is designed for Static as well as Dynamic loading, that to without Cross Bracing and all Mezzanine with Bi-directional force transmission with Mezzanine beam.

This project is designed according to the latest IS design code (IS 800:2007) with consideration given to all the geographical data like wind velocity, seismic zone as per IS standard for particular site.

Project Spotlight

Project Name Sunita Hydrocolloids
Site Location Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Building Usages Process plant for the production of Guar Gum Powder.
Design Code Latest IS design code IS 800:2007
Project Area 2400 Sq. M
Total Tonnage 650 Ton
Special Features
  • 6 Tower Building with G+3 Mezzanine floor (Total height 15.3m of each Tower)
  • Covering Shed with clear span of 33 M & Clear height of 23M.
  • Complex Structure made in consideration for both Static & Dynamic load
  • Wall liner with Industrial louvers
  • Fully Insulated building with Fiberglass at wall and Polynum at Roof.
ABB Ltd, Savli, Baroda, Gujarat 2012Back

Interarch an expert in delivering highly complex buildings is developing a project for ABB Ltd. a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact.

The project has 2 buildings of which one will be utilized as factory for manufacturing of Transformers unit (Pass factory) and the other for Dry Transformer. The project is located in Baroda (Savli), Gujarat.

Total area for the project will be 14000 Sq. M with a total building tonnage of more than 1200 MT. Both the buildings developed have varied dimensions and high complexity factor.

Interarch has followed very high standards of safety as per the requirement of ABB Ltd.

Find below key features of the project

Project Name ABB Ltd. ABB Ltd.
Building Usage Transformer Manufacturing unit(Pass Factory) Dry Transformer factory
Tonnage of building 600 MT 600 MT
Roofing Supplied 99 tons 131 tons
Project Area 6500 Sq. M 7500 Sq. M
Special Features
  • Multiple Cranes
  • Multiple Mezzanine
  • Roof and Wall liners
  • Fascia
  • Height – 10.5 M
  • Length - 141 M
  • Width – 44 M
  • High standards safety procedures were followed for the buildings
  • Multiple Cranes
  • Multiple Mezzanine
  • Roof and Wall liners
  • Fascia
  • Height – 13 M
  • Length – 123.5 M
  • Width – 60 M
  • High standards safety procedures were followed for the buildings

Interarch Building System used in the project

  • 1200 MT of total built up of Pre- Engineered Steel Buildings
  • Hi Rib® Wall Cladding – Off white color
  • SS- 2000® Roofing System – Bare Galvalume Color
REI Agro, Bawal , HaryanaBack

REI Agro is the largest basmati rice processing and marketing company in the globe. From modest beginnings in 1996, the company has grown to hold the largest market share of the basmati rice segment worldwide. Today, REI Agro is an integrated player, undertaking activities right from procuring paddy to drying, de-husking, milling and polishing, color sorting, grading, inspection, packing, branding, distribution and retailing.

REI Bawal is state of art Rice milling plant which once complete will help the company to increase the production level.

Building Location Bawal, Haryana
Building Usage Rice milling plant
Value 6.7 CR
Building Area 5600 Sq. M including Mezzanines
Length Building 1: 60 M Building 2: 23 M
Width Building 1: 48 M Building 2: 24 M
Height Building 1: 29 M Building 2: 14 M
  • 720 Sq. M of 3 level mezzanines with 29 M with chequered plate with live load of 800 kg/m
  • Silo building-29 M clear height covering multiple silo
Tata Motors Ltd, Dharwad, KarnatakaBack

Key Project Highlight

Project Name TATA Motors Ltd
Building Location Dharwad, Karnataka
Building Usage Manufacturing Facility
No. of Buildings 11
Tonnage of building 5400 MT
Roofing Supplied in MT 83,000 Sq. M
Value of Project 86 Cr.
Area of Project 72,000 Sq. M
Manpower deployed 500
Important Feature of Project
  • Complete factory will designed and manufactured under the norms of Green Building.
  • Multilevel mezzanines with heavy collateral load for paint equipment installations.
  • IS-1984 designed building structure with heavy collateral loading to meet all manufacturing and MEP support needs.
  • Regular Quality check and action jointly with client to achieve best quality in line with global standard.
  • Site rolls forming for entire roofing, cladding, liner etc. for faster manufacturing and Quality control.
  • Highest level of safety standard achieving zero accident with 500 semiskilled and unskilled labors at the peak time.
UPRNN Stadium, LucknowBack

Key Project Highlight

Project Name M/s Uttar Pradesh RajkiyaNirman Nigam Limited
Building Location Safai, Etawah, UP.
Building Usage Indoor Stadium
Length 86.99 m O/O
Width 73.18 m C/C
Height 12 m clear
Roofing Supplied 7640 Sq. M
Area of Project 6366 Sq. M
Value of the Project 5.4 Cr.
Important Feature of Project
  • Installed 7000 Sq. M of fiber glass 50 mm thick Insulation.
  • 73 m column clear span.
  • Completion time of Project 4.5 month
M. K. International, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Back

Interarch, India's leading Turnkey Pre- Engineered Metal Building & Steel Construction Company. Interarch successfully delivered warehousing project for M.K. International. The building is a storage unit of BATA Industries Ltd. for their footwear merchandise.

M.K. International is a well-known brand in the southern market for their fleet of warehouses. The particular project is located at a place where the storage units of many Companies are present Chennai.

The total area of the building is 5360 Sq. M. This project has a continuous canopy of 4 M width for a full length of 160 M. 2 identical warehouses of same dimensions have been constructed for M.K International both facing each other.

Key Features of the Project

Project Name M.K. International
Building Usage Warehouse rented to BATA
Total Area 5360 Sq. M
Length 160 M
Width 33.53 M
Height 10 M clear under-knee
  • A canopy 4m wide is installed for a length of 160 M
  • Two identical buildings facing each other
Indian Heritage School, Pathankot, Punjab Back

Interarch has designed, Engineered and executed various projects for Educational Institutes. Indian Heritage School is an example of Interarch's commitment, design, & engineering abilities.

Indian Heritage School is possibly one of the best equipped residential School of North India, both in design and facilities, with lot of emphasis on latest educational technologyto enable the students to realize their full potential. The School is affiliated to ICSE Board, New Delhi.

The application, Indoor Stadium cum Auditorium in Pre-Engineered Metal Building was first in the Punjab region. Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings can be used for various types of Institutional buildings as well.

The building has column less clear span of 25 M with total area of 1333 Sq. M. The building will be utilized for games like Lawn Tennis, Basketball, seminars, events etc.

Key Project Highlight

Project Name Indian Heritage School
Building Location Pathankot, Punjab
Building Usage Indoor Stadium Cum Auditorium
Width 25 M
Length 53.34 M
Height 7.62 M
Area of Project 1333 Sq. M
  • The Building is designed as per the latest designed codes.
  • Stringent quality checks were followed during the time of engineering
    of components & erection of the buildings
  • High level of safety standards were followed

Interarch Building Systems used in the Project

  • Tracdek Hi-Rib® Wall Cladding System Color Coated Galvalume
  • Tracdek Hi-Rib® Roofing System - Bare Galvalume

Sansera Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka Back

Interarch unmatched expertise in the Engineering Industry reflects through the projects delivered for all the big brands in the Engineering Industry.

Sansera Engineering is one of the leading brands of engineering companies globally that builds its own CNC-SPMs, allowing its customers to benefit from a dual advantage - cost-effectiveness and enhanced machining capabilities.

Its vast machine pool and an expert engineering team with the highest level of technical and professional competence produce products that are complex and meet the high quality standard of its customers.

The project covers a total area of 1680 Sq. M with a total Roofing & Cladding supplied for a 3829 Sq. M. The structure designed is supporting a 1 crane of 15 MT. The building delivered has a clear height of 14 M.

Key Features of the Project

Project Name Sansera Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Building Usage Forging and Machine Unit
Dimensions Length - 56 M, Width - 30M, Height - 14.337 M
Project Area 1680 Sq. M
Tonnage 68 MT
Roofing Supplied 3829 Sq. M
  • 1 No EOT Crane of 15MT Capacity with 5.475m Top Of Bracket running for full
    length of the building
  • Eave are Crimp Curves with Concealed Valley Gutter
  • 14 M of clear height

Interarch Profiles Used

  • Tracdek® Hi-Rib Roof sheeting - Bare Galvalume
  • Tracdek® Hi-Rib Wall Cladding - SMP Color Coated Galvalume

Skoda Auto India, Aurangabad, Maharashtra Back

Interarch, India's leading turnkey Pre-Engineered Metal Building & Steel Construction Company delivers automotive assembly unit for Skoda Auto India for Audi Manufacturing facility

SKODA has been operating in India since November 2001 as a subsidiary of SKODA Auto from Czech Republic (Volkswagen Group). It is one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in Europe. It has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in MIDC Shendra near Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The facility is spread across 300,000 Sq. M. it has a network of 106 outlets across the country.

The project delivered has a main building & other sub-structures and lean to buildings attached to it. A footbridge is constructed connecting existing plant and the new building.

Key Features of the Project

Project Name Skoda Auto India
Project Location Aurangabad, Maharashtra
Building Usage Assembly Unit of AUDI
Tonnage 1400 MT
Area of the Main Building 19375 Sq. M
Length 193.75 M c/c
Width 100.00 M c/c
Sheeting Supplied 27600 Sq. M
Special Features
  • 2 cranes of 1 MT each are running inside the building with independent crane structure one in transverse direction and one in Longitudinal direction
  • Pantograph Structure engineered & installed inside the building
  • 10 Nos. of Energy bridges structure inside the building
  • 1 footbridge – connecting corridor from the existing building to the new building engineered & installed outside the building
  • Apart from the Main Building, Office Building, Administration Block, Vestibule, Lean to buildings and are also attached to the main building.

Interarch Profiles Used

  • Tracdek® Hi-Rib Roof Sheeting – Bare Galvalume
  • Tracdek® Hi-Rib Wall Cladding – Off White Color

Tristar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Pipavav, Gujarat Back

Interarch has successfully designed, engineered and delivered the Warehousing facility for Tri-Star Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Tristar is one of the largest service providers and rapidly growing Infrastructure Company, having more than 200 people on roll and offices in most of the major cities within the country and Dubai. Seeing the current growth and revamping of total Indian Infrastructure Market which includes railways, airports, roads, bridges and hydro powers, Tristar envisaged a good opportunity and has created joint ventures with various International organizations.

Interarch has always been a leader when it comes to following the safety standards. Tri-star has awarded Interarch with "Certificate of Appreciation" for Zero Accidents.

A highly complex building with an area of over 80,000 Sq. M has been executed by Interarch.

Key Features of the Project

Project Name Tri-Star Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
Project Location Pipavav, Gujarat
Building Usage Fertilizer Warehouse at Sea Coast
Steel Tonnage of the project 2000 MT
Roofing & Cladding Supplied 82,000 Sq. M
Total Area of Project 80,000 Sq. M
Special Features
  • Multi-span Multi-gable Building
  • Length – 800 M
  • Width - 100 M
  • Clear Eave Height varies from 7 M on one side to 8.3M on the other side.

Interarch Building Systems Used

  • Tracdek Hi-Rib® Wall Cladding System – Azure Blue
  • Tracdek Hi-Rib® Roofing System – Bare

Toyota Kirloskar Ltd, Bangalore, Karnataka Back

Interarch unmatched expertise in the automotive sector reflects through the projects we have delivered for all the big brands in the automotive industry.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited is joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and the Kirloskar Group, for the manufacture and sales of Toyota cars in India. It currently is the 5th largest car maker in India after Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Tata, and Mahindra.

The company Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited (TKMPL) according to its mission statement aims to play a major role in the development of the automotive industry and the creation of employment opportunities, not only through its dealer network, but also through ancillary industries with a business philosophy of "Putting Customer First".

The project executed for the Toyota Kirloskar was one of the complex projects delivered with panache by Interarch. Total tonnage of the building is 2800 MT and a total area of 5800 Sq. M.

Key Features of the Project

Project Name Bangalore
Project Location Bangalore
Building Usage Paint Shop
Building Area 5800 Sq. M
Width Area - (01 , 02 ,03 ) – 12.0 m Area - (04 , 05 ,06 ) – 15.0 m Area – (07) - 9.0 m
Special Features
  • Main Building is divided in 7 areas each having a different height Ar1- 12 M, Ar2-18 M, Ar3- 6.5 M, Ar4-16.5 M, Ar5- 25.2 M, Ar6-16.5M, Ar7-4.5 M.
  • Length of each area is also different Ar1-18, Ar2- 117 M, Ar3- 42M, Ar4-18 M, Ar5-180 M, Ar6 – 15M, Ar7 – 39.0 M
  • Ar1 – This area of the building has full Mezzanine with supporting Cable tray & pipe rack arrangement from column & rafter at different level.
  • Ar2 – in this area half the portion is with mezzanine and half is without the mezzanine & Process Rail Beam is running at 18.2 m in Full length of this area with supporting beam at every 3.0 m interval with supporting Cable tray & pipe rack arrangement from column & rafter at different level.
  • Ar3 – This area is connected to an existing building. In this area five different types of frames are designed.
  • Ar4 – This area of the building has full Mezzanine with supporting Cable tray & pipe rack arrangement from columns & rafters at different level. It has a landing deck at the top level (above 16.5 M).
  • Ar5 – we have installed a 26 M Jack Portal which is welded at site and 2 beams of 13 M each separately.
  • The new building being made will connect to the existing building through a link bridge.
  • North Block has a 15 M mezzanine at a height of 18.2 M.
    • Special provisions for Process Equipment at 5.7 m level in full length of this area.
    • Special provisions for Steel Girders at 6.8 & 10.8 m level in full length of this area.
    • Process Rail Beam is running at 18.2 m in Full length of this area with supporting beam at every 3.0 m interval with supporting Cable tray & pipe rack arrangement from column & rafter at different level.
    • Special Provision for AHU unit supporting from rafter in 2 bays of this area.
  • 10. Ar6 - This area of the building has full Mezzanine with supporting Cable tray & pipe rack arrangement from columns & rafters at different levels.
  • Ar7 - This area is separate & having AHU unit loading.
  • 19 M high staircase is provided in this building.
Reliance Industries Ltd,Corporate Park, Navi Mumbai Back

Interarch engineered, manufactured & delivered the first Pre- Engineered Steel Multi storey officecomplex in India for Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance office space is a G+2 multi-level building built for headquarter of the Reliance MukeshAmbaniGroup. It covers 50,000 sq. meters of office space and accommodates 5 star office facilities inside acompletely steel structure cladded with structural glazing and aluminum composite panels.

Key Project Highlights

Building Usage Multi-Storey G+ 2Office Building
Tonnage of Buildings 5,000 MT
Covered Area 50,000 Sq. M
Project Highlights
  • Pre-Engineered commercial office building made in steel
  • Deck slab flooring with ceramic tiles
  • High-end interiors to meet international office standards
  • External glazing and ACP facade
  • In-built utility structure within building
General Motors India Pvt. Ltd, Gujarat Back

Interarch successfully delivered first full PEB auto plant in India, The Halol project for General Motors. This plant was first of its kind in the country, a benchmark for Pre-engineered buildings in automotive sector. Total area of the project was 10,385 sq. m the project was completed in 4 months. The Project was carried out as per General Motors India safety systems and procedures and very high standards of quality were followed as per the Quality Assurance Plan and other technical specifications relevant to International Standards.

Project Highlights

Project Name General Motors India
Building Area 10385 Sq. M
Material Supplied 235 MT
No. of Buildings 4
  • Roof Slope of 1:10
  • 18 trailers were plated to carry the job
  • Rod Bracing
  • 50mm thick insulation
  • 10600 Sq. M of Roofing supplied
  • 5400 Sq. M Wall sheeting supplied
  • 125MT of Steel Built up
  • Roofing & wall cladding made of high profile & Strength
  • 0.63mm thick bare Galvanized coated Steel
Hotel Building, GoaBack

Interarch Light Building systems are a well suited system for applications like Hotels, Residential, Farmhouses, Institutional and commercial buildings. Interarch Light Buildings system has got un-matched advantages over the conventional construction system like Water Proof, and moisture proof building, Longer life span and easy to maintain, Dismantling possibilities if required and many more. Interarch has designed, engineered and delivered a hotel in light building system for one of its Client in Goa.

It took a mere of1 month by Interarch to deliver the project. The project covers an area of 139 Sq. M. total tonnage of the building is 4MT and has a Mezzanine floor. The external finish is Cement Board.

Key Features of the Project

Project Name Krishna Decorators
Building Usage Hotel Building
Project Location Goa
Area Of Project 139 Sq. M
Roofing Supplied Composite Deck Sheet
Features Flat Roof
Internal & External Finish Type , Material & Color Internal Finish - Cement Board + Gypsum Board for Reception area External Finish - Cement Board + Galvalume Steel