pre engineered structures
Interarch Life - Non Industrial Buildings
Key Features

Interarch Light Gauge Framing Systems (LGFS) is the new product which has been very recently introduced to Indian market, though it is at a very nascent stages in India however it is very extensively used in almost all building construction in developed countries like US, UK and Europe due to few of its unique features.

Exterior and Interior Finishes

There are many options for Exterior and Interior finishes with un-matched quality.

Exterior finishes
  • Metal roofings
  • Exterior grade cement board walls
  • Metal wall claddings
  • Glazing wooden panels
  • Veneer finishes
Interior finishes
  • Gypsum board wall panels
  • Vitrified tiles
  • Metal or gypsum false ceilings
  • Ply board wall panels
  • Veneer finishes

The walls and roof are fitted with sate of the art insulators which helps in energy conservation and even sound barriers, you can see and understand from below diagram how various materials come together to make them.

Floor System


1. Floor Covering Ceramic Tile
2. Floor 80mm Concrete in Steel Metal Decking
3. Floor Underlay Integrity Gasket
4. Framing Floor Joist - 250 mm
5. Ceiling Substrate 25mm Steel Ceiling Battens
6. Ceiling Lining 1 12.5mm Gypsum
7. Ceiling Lining 1 12.5mm Gypsum

Wall System Villa


1. Outside Finish 6mm - BASF 3 Layer Texture Coat
2. Outside Cladding 50mm - BASF EPS Foam
3. Backer 6mm - Fibre Cement Board
4. Building Wrap 4mm - insulbreak 40F
5. Framing Steel Stud - 89 x 41mm steel stud
6. Insulation 50mm - Mineral Rockwool
7. Internal Lining 1 2 x 12.5mm - Gypsum

Doing electric and plumbing work is very easy and safe without any drilling or any other hassel.