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TRAC® Suspended Ceiling Systems

Trac® - The Environment Friendly Ceiling

Concealing Services


Ceilings are primarily installed to conceal services such as HVAC ducting and lighting. The covering up of services necessitates access to the ceiling plenum. Accessibility to the ceiling plenum for maintenance is the most important factor while selecting a suspended ceiling system. All TRAC® ceilings are designed to allow easy access. Panels or tiles may be lifted out or clipped off for maintenance or installation of concealed services.



Ceilings are often provided to create attractive interiors. TRAC® ceilings offer several options to the designer to match aesthetics with function.


Suspended acoustical ceilings serve to provide sound absorption on the most useful surface in a room. They help in reducing reverberant sound intensity within a room. TRAC® ceilings are the most efficient sound absorbing ceilings available in the market today. Human activity in offices and large public spaces generates noise resulting in reduced work efficiency. Acoustical (sound absorbing) ceiling systems help in reducing build-up of reverberant noise because of their excellent sound absorbing properties. This leads to a better working environment and reduced annoyance due to high noise levels.

Fire Resistance

All TRAC® ceilings provide Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame in accordance with BS 476-part 7 (1987). The materials are incombustible as per BS 476-part 4 (1970) and satisfy Class O as per BS 476-part 6 (1989).