pre engineered structures
Interarch Certified Builder Program

Mandatory documents to be maintained at site during project execution

  • A copy of customer order received
  • Copy of work order released to erector by Interarch
  • Project Macro Schedule (in line with customer’s requirement) duly accepted by erector
  • Erection Methodology duly approved by Interarch’s engineering department & Regional head/Team Leader
  • Resource Plan duly approved by Interarch’s Regional Head/Team Leader
  • Project specific safety plan duly approved by the Safety Manager to be maintained
  • Anchor Bolt (AB), General Arrangement (GA), Erection, and Sheeting drawings stamped as “Good for construction /execution” to be present at site always
  • Shipper’s list i.e., an itemized list of all materials to be used for the project
  • Format of Daily Progress Report, Check lists and all QMS/ISO documents should always be maintained
  • Name & contact numbers of all Key persons from projects
  • Torque table, test certificates, calibration certificates & fitness certificates of all tools & tackles and of measuring instruments like calibrated torque wrench tape of length 5M, 15M & 100M, etc. and other moving equipment
  • Copy of Workman Compensation Policy, Labor License, & Contractor All Risk (CAR) policy (if required)

Check list before starting the erection

  • Always check, center to center distance of girds and bays with reference to AB and diagonal distance of each grid / bays references
  • Shipper list quantity to be cross checked with erection drawings
  • All tool &tackles required for the erection process must be cross checked with erection drawings and to be available at site before starting the work
  • Before commencement of erection a hand over report from civil contractor or consultant must be procured
  • Foundation stability certificate to be submitted which should be duly signed by the structural engineer
  • Ensure that all the material required for completion of a bay is available at site at its respective location on the previous day

Column Erection

  • Column is arranged with all fixtures & painting duly Completed
  • Lifting sling is fixed to the column at exact position of lift
  • Guy ropes are fixed to the column before lifting
  • Lifting equipment lifts the structural column vertically and is positioned in the Pedestal
  • Anchor bolts nuts should be fixed and tightened
  • Guy ropes are tied as shown in the figure
  • Column plumb is checked and sling is released using Boom lift or Scissor lift

Braced Column Erection

  • Same Procedure is followed for lifting the second column
  • The Portal beam is the primary tying member between the two columns. It is lifted using Crane and boom lift used for bolting the portal beam.
  • The Eave Strut is immediately erected after the erection of second Column.
  • Bracing Rods should be lifted and fixed to the adjacent Columns. Hill Side washers are used to tighten the brace rods.
  • The same procedure is followed for erection of the columns on the other side of the grid