pre engineered structures
Interarch Certified Builder Program

Pre painted material handling

  • Material is supplied from factory to site in prime condition
  • Normally all structures are primed with one coat of red oxide zinc chromate primer unless there is a specific requirement of project
  • .While in transit there is a possibility of scratches on the material, which should be touched up with the same primer after unloading at site

Requirement while field painting to ensure quality:

  • Primer touch-up should be done with the same type of primer as applied in plant after proper cleaning of dust, rust, etc.
  • Primer/ Painting should be avoided during foggy weather conditions.
  • Ensure the requirements as mentioned in Product Data Sheet (PDS) for product application and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for product safety.
  • Arrange the PDS and MSDS of applicable Paint
  • Spray process be used while painting at site
  • Mixing of Thinner and Paint should be done as per manufacture's recommendation
  • To avoid dust accumulation, material to be kept on wooden pallets or on sufficient height while painting
  • After painting one side of the material leave it for sufficient time to dry, before painting the other side of the material.
  • Second coat interval to be maintained as per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Ensure final painting to be done by skilled painter
  • Required Dry Film Thickness (DFT) to be maintained and measured by calibrated DFT gauge.

Safety while storage of Paint at site

  • Use appropriate PPE when handling the paint containers
  • Storage areas shall be kept free of weeds, debris, and other combustible material
  • All storage rooms should have a proper ventilation system to provide fresh air
  • Paint should be stored in sealed containers at a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and any heating source
  • Do not stack more than 3 containers
  • A minimum space of 2 feet should be maintained between rows in which the containers are kept
  • Empty containers shall be stored separately with their lids open
  • Wiping rags, drop cloths and paint-stained clothing shall be stored in waste cans with closed lid
  • Temporary electrical wiring / fittings should not to be installed in the paint storage area
  • Half-filled containers or unused paints should be marked properly for traceability and should be used by the next day

Safety during Painting activity

  • Before starting painting activity tool box training should be conducted and on job safety analysis to be organized
  • Worker should wear proper clothes to cover full body and use hand gloves to avoid any direct contact with paint
  • Wear an approved paint/spray/respirator, safety goggle while painting
  • Ensure use of Personal Protective Equipment’s like safety helmet, full body safety harness/Lifeline etc. during painting at height
  • Barricade/isolate the ground level and the area below the painting activity
  • Keep food and drink away from areas being painted
  • For any paint activity at night, proper illumination and supervision should be ensured which should be approved by an appropriate authority
  • Once the painting activity is done the painter should properly wash hands, arms, face before eating/drinking and should change into clean clothing before leaving the work site
  • If the worker feels unfit like dizziness while painting , he should be taken to the open area for fresh air

Safety Precautions at site for storage and painting activity

  • Material Safety Data Sheet shall be displayed at the paint storage area and circulated to all supervisors and above level
  • Entry to the paint area shall be restricted
  • Display safety signage/warnings at the paint storage and at the painting yard
  • Do not carry match boxes or cigarette lighters or any inflammable products to the site
  • Smoking, Grinding, gas cutting, welding, working with naked flames, etc. are strictly prohibited at the paint storage area and during the painting activity
  • Appropriate fire extinguishers/ sand buckets should be available at the storage area and at site
  • Continuous supervision shall be done at the site
  • Test certificate of air compressor to be handed over and ensure proper safe guarding of the moving parts of air compressor
  • Provide safe access for workers and ensure a stable work platform during painting activity at height
  • Safety Engineer/Safety officer should be available at site during painting activity
  • Ensure all lifting equipment and gears which are used during painting at height are third party inspected and records are maintained for the same
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning spraying equipment
  • The paint cleaning fluid should be disposed properly in an safe manner