pre engineered structures
Interarch Certified Builder Program

Quality check points before lifting and during structure erection

  • Prior to erection process, AB threads and nuts must be checked to ensure that
    • Nut of Anchor Bolt should move freely
    • Thread of Anchor bolt should be free from external material (i.e. cement, dust, grease, oil etc.)
    • Both nuts should be available with every anchor bolt
    • Anchor bolt thread should not be damaged or bent
  • Check the top level of nut and Anchor bolt deviation
  • Painting quality should be satisfactory
  • Touch up of paint to be done on handling mark location on structure before lifting
  • Always cross check the bolts sizes and part marks with drawing
  • Check Bolt tightening as per following procedure and steps
    • Diagonal bolt tightening
    • Initial snug tightening of bolts
    • Final tightening of bolts to be done by Torque wrench as per defined Torque value
    • Turn of nut tightening to be ensured with proper marking
  • Ensure proper fixing of secondary items
  • Check the painting condition and painting requirement for specific Project